Best practice: Selling auction packages multiple times

'One way to increase your fundraising auction revenue is by selling big-ticket items such as, luxury package holidays, multiple times. If done correctly, it can be a masterstroke, helping you to maximise ROI. Below are some tried and tested methods for successfully auctioning off packages - multiple times - during a fundraising event...

Every charity has a story to tell

Nonprofits seem to be getting better at cultivating long-term relationships and understanding the importance in developing a two-way dialogue with their supporters. With more charities flooding the market than ever before, and less supporters, presenting 'the story' of the nonprofit has never been more valuable. Every charity has a story to tell. How then, can one make the most out of their story telling capabilities, ultimately setting their nonprofit apart...

End of year wrap-up email

You've spent the year building excitement around fundraising events, promoting initiatives and reaching goals. To then not tell your supporters how you did, leaves them wondering if certain goals and objectives have been achieved, or worse, questioning whether their contribution mattered at all. With the holiday season, almost upon us, it's time to celebrate your nonprofit and the phenomenal support and endless giving your donors have made in 2017...

How to Generate and Retain High-Level Donors and Supporters

If you're in the business of event fundraising, you'll understand the importance in mobilising new donors and retaining them for years to come. Today, we have put together a list of strategies that will help show some much-needed admiration and respect to those dedicated high-level supporters and provide an incentive for future donations...

New Travel Packages for Your Fundraiser

More ways to boost donor acquisitions

Fundraising & cost-effective marketing tools

A fundraising event is a charities bread and butter. A gala dinner, for example, not only raises money for your nominated cause, but it also generates much needed excitement and helps spread your organisations mission and good work. With a surge in smaller community nonprofits coming into the marketplace, the need to utilise cheap and effective marketing and promotional tools is greater than ever...

How to make the most out of your fundraising platform

Top tips to engage your crowd at your next fundraiser

Fundraising events (as we know) are expensive business. Whether it's by way of a gala dinner, golf day, trivia night, fete and fair or race day, you are offering your followers the opportunity to engage with your brand in an enjoyable, entertaining and engaging manner. Sometimes however, events don't give you the results that you needed/wanted/worked so hard for. Below are some top tips to help you keep your crowd engaged and actively fundraising at your next event:

Counting your success post-event

Not only is a detailed reporting system useful in that it allows you as an event organiser to track gifts and collect money, announce results and say thank you, it also assists in analysing what went wrong and what went right. Just think. The big day is over. The money has been counted and the prizes have been sent. It's the perfect time to start thinking about what you can do differently and how you can improve on your event for the following year. What prizes were the most profitable and generated the most bidding wars? Was it the Florentine Villa that everyone seemed to love...



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