Which Items Will Sell Best At My Fundraising Auction?

Curating your fundraising auction prize list is something of an art. The prizes need to whet bidders’ appetites, have broad appeal and cover a range of price points. Although it can be time consuming, curating a great prize range is worth the effort. It means lots of healthy bids and, ultimately, more funds for your cause. But how do you know what prize items will sell best? With over 20 years’ helping charities and non-profits manage their fundraising auctions we know which items always generate a bidding frenzy.

Auction Prize Update: Who Wants To Go Wild?

Want to give your fundraising auction bidders the chance to go wild? We’ve just added two amazing once-in-a-lifetime consignment prize options that are sure to feature on everybody’s bucket list.

Galabid Auction Prize Update: Mystery, Luxury and Adventure!

We know that holidays are a consistent hit at fundraising auctions. Who doesn’t get excited at the prospect of a getaway to somewhere fabulous? While holidays are guaranteed to get bidders’ pulses racing, the trick is to offer a range of experiences that appeal to both the thrill and the chill seekers. GalaBid’s NEW prize update consists of consignment options perfect for people who relish the element of surprise. Our Tasmania adventure gives auction winners the freedom of the open road, while our mystery cruise offers relaxation and indulgence via a luxury liner.

Consignment Update: Authenticated David Bromley Artwork

Want to create a bidding frenzy at your next fundraising auction? Highly sought after and difficult to obtain prizes are perfect for exceeding your fundraising target. Whether it’s exclusive holidays, original artwork or unique pieces of jewellery, offering bidders the chance to obtain that hard-to-get prize gives your auction a genuine and desirable point of difference.

A Newbies' Guide To Consignment Auction Prizes

Co-ordinating the right prize mix for your fundraising auction is hard work. Your prizes need to be attractive, affordable and offer a variety of experiences and price points. Sourcing donated prizes can mean many hours of door-knocking (and dealing with a few rejections!)...

Holiday Essentials: The Must-Haves For Your Auction Prize Package

Holidays and luxury getaways are popular prize options for auction fundraisers. Often the big-ticket item(s) on the auction hit-list, sought after holidays in exotic locations consistently deliver excellent fundraising results for charities and good causes. But what are the holiday essentials you need to think about or prepare for when selecting your prize items?..

Consignment Update: Wonderful Winter in Stunning Tuscany

Looking for a wonderful winter holiday option for your fundraising auction? GalaBid's popular Tuscan Villa is now available through the European winter months (Oct – Jan). Even better news is we're applying a generous discount for holidays taken during this time...

Galabid Consignment Update: Desert Island Dreams

Imagine a soft tropical breeze, deep blue warm waters and nothing to do but relax (and enjoy the odd cocktail or two!) GalaBid's NEW consignment options offer lucky bidders the ultimate in luxury desert island escapes. Your fundraising auction returns will skyrocket with the addition of these fabulous holidays. From Fiji's pristine coastline to the tropical heaven of Samoa, there's plenty for your bidders to get excited about:...

How Do Prizes for Live and Silent Auctions Differ?

A question we're frequently asked is whether fundraisers should have a different approach to prizes for silent and live auctions. In short, yes. The format of both auctions differs as will the type of bidders...

Single Prize Item: Crazy Idea or Inspired Move?

Your silent or live auction prize mix can make or break your fundraiser. It takes a lot of door knocking, phone calls and the odd rejection to pull together a great set of prizes. A single prize item can therefore be an appealing proposition. But can a lone item really have enough appeal to make your fundraising auction a success? Absolutely! In fact a single prize item can work even better than multiple items but you do need to think carefully...



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