Make your next fundraising event a success.

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The simplest form of giving is made even easier with GalaBid's one-touch mobile fundraising technology.

Sometimes supporters just want to open their hearts and wallets and make a cash donation to your fantastic cause. Make it easy for them with technology that allows them to donate straight from their mobile device.
  • A simple 'donate' button processes payments from credit or debit cards.
  • Secure system offers peace of mind for donors and recipients.
  • Immediate tax receipt sent via SMS or email.
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Make your next next fundraising event a success

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Secure Payment

Our secure payment gateway offers confidence and peace of mind.

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Instant Payment

Build early momentum with our pre-event bidding option. Launch your online auction days, weeks, or even months before the live event to get the bids rolling in.

charity mobile fundraising solution features
  • Secure Payment
    secure payment when donating for charity
  • Digital Receipt
    digital receipt after donated for charities
  • everyone can donate for your fundraising cause
  • donations screens see who donated in your fundraising event
    Pop-up Notifications

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Secure Payment

Our secure payment gateway offers confidence and peace of mind.

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Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts are generated the moment the fundraiser closes. Sent via text, winning bidders receive immediate confirmation of their success plus a payment link.

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Invite external guests to join your cause and donate to your fundraiing from anywhere, donating from their phones, tables or desktop.

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Pop-up Notifications

Build momentum on-site by projecting a display wich includes pop-up notifications when someone donates to your fundraiser.

Frequently Asked Questions About Donations

Can I accept donations in my auction/raffle?


Yes, you can add a donation item type in Items. This will list your donation option on the same list as your other prizes. You can also add it to the Menu in Set-up to help your participants find it easily.

Do I need to pay tax on donations?


GalaBid provides the means to run your donation drive, we cannot advise on any of our clients' individual taxation/accounting requirements.

Do I need to be a registered charity to accept donations?


No, anyone can use GalaBid to collect donations including sport clubs, schools, and individuals raising funds privately.

Will my participants be issued a tax receipt?


Yes, all participants will receive an invoice if they have purchased an item, donated, or have won an auction item. Invoices are automatically sent out once the auction has closed.

Are participants required to make an account to make a one-off donation?


Yes, they will need to register with basic information that you set in the Registration section in Setup. At minimum they will be required to enter their name and a verified email address.

Is there a maximum amount I can raise through GalaBid?


No, GalaBid has no limits on the amount you can raise!

How do I receive my funds after the campaign has ended?


All funds are collected directly via your Stripe account. You can set up your Stripe account to determine when you would like the funds to be deposited into your bank account.

How do I close my donation item?


To stop donations on your donation item you will need to 'lock' it.  To do this go to Items and edit your donation item. In the advanced options there is the option to change 'Who can bid and buy'. Change this to 'Admin Only'.  You can add a 'locked' message below that option.

Can I use GalaBid just for donations?


Yes, you can set-up your campaign with one or more donation item types. Select the item type in Items > Create Item. There is no limit to the amount of donations collected through GalaBid.

Can I prompt unsuccessful auction bidders to make a donation?


Yes. You can text either a link to your donation item or an external donation link in a customisable notification message that will be sent out at the close of auction.