GalaBid is powered by Stripe’s secure payment gateway

Fundraising Payments on GalaBid Explained

Making sure that fundraising payment transactions are fast, safe, and secure is critically important. It’s why GalaBid is powered by Stripe’s secure payment gateway. Stripe delivers a robust payment system that ensures every GalaBid payment transaction is quick and secure - giving you and your supporters confidence and peace of mind.

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Quick Set Up

Stripe is easy to set up and no technical know-how is required. It can be done from within the GalaBid dashboard, usually within ten minutes.

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Open to All

Individuals, Non Profits and Companies can all set up Stripe accounts. Set the account up yourself or simply add an additional Admin on the GalaBid dashboard to complete set up.

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Seamless Payments for Participants

Payment for campaign participants is seamless. They simply choose to pay with a credit or debit card or Apple or Google Pay.

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Stripe is extremely secure. It includes built-in fraud prevention tools, secure data storage. It complies with the latest industry standards including PCI DSS. Stripe also includes a range of tools to help protect your organization’s and your customers' data.

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No Hidden Provider Fees

GalaBid does not mark up Stripe fees. The only transaction fees are the fees charged directly by Stripe.

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Stripe Fees

Stripe fees are competitive. For pricing in your region see

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Fast Payouts

Linking your own Stripe account to your GalaBid campaign (instead of a supplier’s sub-account) gives you control over your payout schedule. Set payouts to daily, weekly or any time frame you prefer. You have full control via Stripe’s dashboard.

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Pass on Stripe Fees to Campaign Participants

Choose to add Stripe fees (or any fee) to participants’ invoices. Make the fees optional or mandatory.

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