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Ticketing & Check-In for Fundraising Events

GalaBid’s ticketing and check-in event solution delivers an intuitive user-experience and lightning-fast processing to simplify registration, ticketing and check in for every fundraising event.

Whether it's a gala dinner selling tables, or a school fundraiser with free entry, GalaBid delivers a smooth and efficient ticketing and check-in experience for you and your guests.

Use as a standalone solution, or enjoy a seamless connection with GalaBid’s extensive auction, raffle and donation platform.

fundraising event ticketing and check-in feature

Streamline ticket sales and check in at   your fundraising event

  • Event Tickets only or combine with fundraising:
    Use as a standalone service or combine with our raffle, auction, and donation solutions
  • Multiple Ticket Types:
    Create multiple ticket types to cater for all your event guests.
  • Free & Paid Tickets:
    Choose free or paid ticket options, or a mix of both.
  • Custom Registration Fields:
    Custom fields help you collect the info you need from event guests.
  • Table Sales and Guest Management:
    GalaBid enables Table Purchasers to assign seats, send invites and manage the guest list for their table.
  • Shareable Links:
    Shareable links are ideal for quick and easy ticket sales.

What can you run on your fundraising campaign:

Make your next next fundraising event a success

E.g. dates, number of guests attending, venue, fundraising target
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Table Sales & Guest Management

Sell table tickets and empower table purchasers to allocate the seats at their table. Assign seats at the point of purchase or at a later date. Pre-fill the answers to custom questions such as meal or beverage preferences.

Once a seat is assigned, GalaBid takes care of sending an invite to the guest. Invited guests simply edit or accept any pre-filled fields and accept or decline the invite! If guests can’t attend, reassigning seats is a breeze with GalaBid’s ticket transfer feature.

Our Ticketing & Check-In Platform is Packed With Good Things

flexible design options

Flexible Design Options

Easily create a beautiful event webpage to sell tickets to your fundraising event, or any event. Include, banners, logos, images, info pages, social media shareable links and maps for guests' convenience and accessibility.

icon multiple ticket types

Multiple Ticket Types

GalaBid’s flexible ticketing options mean you can cater to specific groups. Choose from various ticket types  such as Free Admission, General Admission, or Table. Table tickets include multiple tickets and can be named to suit your specific event.  

icon tracking

Event Check-in and Ticket Tracking

Stay in control with the comprehensive event check-in feature.  View who and how many have arrived at the venue and checked-in, who has accepted or declined and the details of any unassigned tickets.

silent auction payment secure

Secure Payment

Our secure payment gateway, powered by Stripe, offers confidence and peace of mind. Connect an existing Stripe account or set one up from your campaign dashboard. Receive your ticket sales proceeds without delay direct to your bank account. 

flexible payment crowdfunding

Easy Payment Options

GalaBid makes ticket purchasing very quick and easy. Participants can pay from their mobile or desktop device.  We offer popular payment options, including Apple and Google Pay.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Tailor your event registration by adding custom questions. Ask for  food preferences or dietary requirements.  Choose between text, check box or multiple choice and add as many as you need.

ticket details

Event Management

There is no need to toggle between different platforms. GalaBid’s single platform means you can coordinate ticket creation, sales and check-in all in one place. Plus, review participant information in a simple, streamlined format.

fundraising options

Standalone or Connect to Online Fundraising

Use standalone or seamlessly connect to GalaBid’s extensive fundraising features. With everything in one place, registered event guests are instantly ready to place bids, buy raffle tickets, or make donations.


Frequent Asked Questions about Ticketing & Event Check-In

What types of tickets can I set up ?


You can set up two types of tickets, individual or multi-tickets also known as tables. Both types can be free or paid.  To set up a table/ multi-ticket add the number of seats at the table or tickets included. Purchasers buy the table and manage their guest list using GalaBid.

Can I distribute free tickets to my event?


Yes, you can set up a free ticket type. Guests who wish to attend visit your GalaBid link and reserve a ticket. A confirmation email with the ticket attached is sent by GalaBid. The process is the same as paid tickets without the payment processing step.

Can I set a capacity for ticket types and the whole event?


Yes, you can set a capacity for the event overall and the number of each type ticket available for sale.

Can I include custom questions for guests to answer during registration?


Yes, you can create as many tick box, multiple choice or open ended questions as required.

How does event check in work?


Guests show their PDF ticket to event staff. Staff mark the guest as checked in using a Volunteer Account or the Campaign dashboard. Check in via QR code scanning to follow shortly.

Can I track the status of invited guests?


Yes. The number and details of checked in guests can be viewed in the dashboard and by event staff on mobile devices logged into Volunteer Accounts. The number of acceptances, declines along with the number of tickets assigned and unassigned can also be tracked in the dashboard and via Volunteer Accounts.

Can guests transfer tickets if they have to cancel?


A guest who is no longer able to attend should advise the ticket purchaser or the campaign administrator who can transfer a ticket to another guest.  

Is table planning included?


Table or seat planning is not yet available but is coming soon.

Do ticket purchasers and invited guests need to register to participate in fundraising?


Anyone who has purchased a ticket or been assigned a seat will be ready to bid on auction items, make a donation or buy raffle tickets. Invited guests will be prompted to complete their profiles as part of the invite process.   

What are the payment processing options for ticket sales?


GalaBid integrates exclusively with Stripe for online payment processing.  Stripe accounts are easy to set up from within GalaBid. Stripe fees can be passed on to ticket purchasers as an optional or mandatory fee.

How long does it take to receive ticket sales proceeds?


Payments are processed by Stripe and the payout schedule can be set in your Stripe account’s dashboard.   

Can guests make a donation when purchasing tickets and table tickets?


This feature is coming soon.  

How do table purchasers assign seats if they paid via invoice outside GalaBid?


The ability to invite a purchaser to assign and manage seats at a table paid for outside GalaBid is not yet available. In the meantime, setting up a free table ticket would allow campaign admins or table purchasers to assign seats and invite guests.

Can I take cash or check/cheque for tickets at the event?


Payments for tickets must be processed by Stripe online or be offered free of charge. Marking tickets sales as paid by cash or check is coming soon.