Helpful Hints and Tips

What to Consider When Using Digital Media to Promote Your Fundraiser

Want to get the most out of your social media campaign to promote your fundraiser? We've enlisted expert blogger, Kathy Hope, to give some great advice.

What Does Future Fundraising Look Like?

Although COVID19 restrictions are currently being lifted, it’s unlikely live fundraising events will return to normal for some time. Charities, non-profits and community causes need to plan for on-going disruption to fundraising events.

How To Turn An Online Fundraiser Into An Event

If you’re running an online fundraiser, you might wonder if you can make it as successful as a live event. Will your supporters find a virtual event as fun and engaging as a live fundraiser?

6 Trends For Successful Fundraising In 2020

Are you familiar with the key trends that will maximise your fundraising in 2020? Find out how these emerging and on-going trends are shaping the way successful nonprofits and charities attract support from donors and sponsors,

Benefits Of A Mobile Fundraising App

A mobile fundraising app could revolutionise your fundraising. From school fundraisers to charity gala dinners, a fundraising app is the easy option that delivers great results.

5 Ways Your Phone Can Raise Money For Charity

Want to raise money for charity but don’t know where to start? Would it help if we told you there are mobile fundraising options right there on your phone.

3 Easy And Effective School Fundraising Ideas

School fundraising can be time consuming for the many volunteers who are part of the school community. We've got three effective, self-run school fundraising ideas that will raise more and save time.

Should I Use Sealed Bids At My Fundraiser?

Good question! Sealed bids are a great way to introduce tension and excitement at fundraising events, but they should only be used for certain prizes.

Is Your Fundraising Prize Holiday Up To Standard?

Consignment holidays are a great drawcard for many fundraising auctions. However, before you include a luxury getaway in your fundraising auction prize package, make sure the quality matches your expectations.

The Flexible Fundraising Platform For Non-Profits

Is your non-profit thinking about using a digital fundraising platform? He's why it chooses to opt for a flexible, white label solution.