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Is Your Fundraising Prize Holiday Up To Standard?

Consignment items are a fantastic way to boost your fundraising auction prize collection.  

Many consignment prizes are exclusive or hard-to-source in the open market. This exclusivity helps generate excitement amongst auction participants and drives up bids.

A popular fundraising auction prize is luxury holidays.  Getaways to exotic locations featuring beautiful accommodation and 5-star facilities are always a firm favourite at charity auctions.

But how can you guarantee excellence for your bidders? What assurances should consignment providers give around availability and holiday standards?

GalaBid takes consignment quality assurance seriously. Here are the ways we make sure every holiday prize will delight its winner:

Personalised Quality Checks

Each villa based holiday in our Consignment collection has been personally assessed by a member of the GalaBid team.  We undertake numerous trips to assess the standards of the locations and quality of the accommodation.

We interview the managerial team and ensure standards of maintenance and cleaning are upheld.

If a location or accommodation doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor it doesn’t make it into our collection.

Want To Know….?

What the local restaurants are like? How close the villa is to the beach? Whether there’s a nearby yoga class?  Because we’ve been there we can give you the lowdown.

Not only will we talk you through the holidays, we’re also more than happy to take enquiries from auction winners who want to know a bit more detail about where they are going.  

We can also put them in touch with the local management team to deal with personalised requests, such as dietary requirements and disability access.

Availability Calendars

Nobody wants to bid for a holiday then find out the accommodation isn’t available for travel dates that work for them.  This can be a big problem with consignment holiday prizes.

GalaBid provides an availability calendar so that bidders can see when the holiday is available BEFORE they bid.   This means winners can book their dates as soon as their win is confirmed.


We ask holiday consignment winners for feedback on their trip.  This ensures we are constantly delivering the things people expect and need from their prize.


Consignment holidays provide a great opportunity for fundraisers to offer their auction bidders tantalising getaways. GalaBid makes sure those holidays meet and exceed winners’ expectations each and every time.

About GalaBid

GalaBid is CrowdComms’ fundraising software, developed inhouse, which facilitates bidding, donations, purchases, payment for and management of all fundraising activities before and during live fundraising events, galas, golf days etc.


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