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GalaBid’s free online fundraising platform is the perfect solution for community fundraisers, non-profits and charities. The flexible platform and fundraiser website supports online raffles, silent auctions and donation drives.

online fundraising platform

Make sure more money goes to where it’s needed

Create your fundraising website today.
GalaBid’s online platform is free to use.

We support our service and software development by asking campaign participants to contribute towards GalaBid’s costs at checkout. There is no obligation to contribute and opting out is easy. On average, fundraising participants contribute enough to cover our costs. A fixed fee option is also available if you prefer your participants are not asked to contribute and, or if you would like to unlock some bonus fundraising features.

free fundraising platform

What fundraising options can I add to my fundraising website?

Digital Raffle

The zero paper, 100%
online raffle system

  • Super fast set up - create and brand a raffle in minutes
  • Ease of payment for purchasers by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Receive raffle funds instantly, powered by Stripe
  • Automated ticket distribution
  • Sell single tickets or multi-ticket packages
  • One click draw with automated winner notifications
  • Certified random number generator ensures a fair draw
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fundraising raffle online
silent auction platform

Online Silent Auction

Customizable, easy to use fundraising platform, packed with useful features for online auctions.

  • Outbid notifications via text or email
  • Activity feed and leaderboard
  • Credit-card pre-authorization and Check Out Console
  • Advanced features including overtime, sealed bidding, live auctions, prize vouchers and volunteer accounts
  • Online silent auction with its own dedicated fundraising website
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Donation Drive

Online Donations or Live Event Pledge Drives

  • Easy and quick set up. Start your online donation campaign in minutes
  • Secure and intuitive payments for supporters. Powered by Stripe
  • Activity feed showcasing messages of support
  • Donation leaderboard for live events
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donations online

Join thousands of fundraisers who are making a difference with GalaBid

Individual fundraisers, global charities and non-profits use GalaBid to create effective online fundraisers and beautiful fundraising websites that raise more for great causes.


Easy to Use


  • Fast set-up with no technical expertise required
  • Easy to understand prompts and instructions
  • Includes shareable links for text and email distribution
  • Access via supporters’ mobile or desktop device
  • Dedicated fundraising website
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Real-Time Updates


  • Promote newly added items
  • Auction close time reminders
  • Outbid notifications
  • Notifications via text (fixed fee pricing option)

Secure Payment


  • Set-up a Stripe account (this only takes a few minutes) and connect to your GalaBid account
  • Secure payment gateway and comprehensive reports
  • Provide winners with fast payment link
  • Process payments in moments

Custom Design


  • Make your online fundraiser stand out using logos and images
  • Easy graphic and image uploads (no design experience needed)
  • Stunning fundraising website gives your campaign a professional look and feel

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Helping fundraisers raise more since 2011

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Oct, 2023

"If you are looking for a bidding site, stop here. This was my first time and it is easy to navigate. The reports they offer are phenomenal. The best part is their customer service. At any moment I had a question and posted in the chat, they were there to help me! Even during our busy EVENING event, 5 minutes before the auction was ending, I wanted to know quickly, where to find a report to view winners, top bid, etc. - they were there even then! FanTAStic company to work with!!"

Oct, 2023

GalaBid was very easy to use and quadrupled our silent auction proceeds compared to the previous year (which was all in-person bidding)”

Oct, 2023

“Galabid was really easy to set up and amend as needed. The online chat system was invaluable, and the help menu was really useful for helping to navigate the site. Would definitely recommend to anyone setting up a silent auction whether they have done it before or not..”

Sept, 2023

“Really amazing platform with quite literally all of the features you might need for an auction - even more amazing support team who very promptly answered every question I had and were generally incredibly useful. Will definitely be using again 10/10”

Frequently Asked Questions About The GalaBid Fundraising Platform

How does the voluntary contribution work?


At checkout campaign participants are asked to contribute towards GalaBid’s costs. The contribution is voluntary and participants can opt out using a drop down menu and changing the contribution amount to zero. See this video explainer to see the process in action.

Are online payments secure?


Yes, using GalaBid requires you to create and connect a Stripe account. Stripe is one of the world's most secure payment gateways - you can read more about Stripe - here. All payments are made directly into your Stripe account, GalaBid does not collect any credit card information from your participants.

How is support provided?


All training is provided via the HELP section in the dashboard. The Help section includes a library of useful videos and articles including frequency asked questions. These resources guide you through the set-up and running of your campaign. Additional support is located on the website and within the dashboard via our LiveChat feature with real people only, no bots!

Is there a contact number I can call?


Support is via LiveChat and email only.  Our email address is helpdesk@galabid.com. Live Chat agents can be contacted on this website and from within the GalaBid dashboard.

How do I receive my funds?


All campaign payments must be processed by Stripe. You connect an existing Stripe account or create a new Stripe account from within the dashboard. As part of the process you link a bank account to your Stripe account. Stripe issues the payouts to the bank account and the payout frequency can be adjusted within the Stripe dashboard. To see the Stripe fees in your region visit Stripe.com

Do I have access to a list of participants who register to my fundraising campaign?


Yes, a complete list of all registered participants and their information is downloadable in the Reports section of the dashboard.

What information do I require to set up a Stripe account?


Stripe accounts can be set up as Individual accounts or organization accounts, As a minimum the contact details of the individual, or contacts details of individuals representing the organization, the business website or the individual’s GalaBid campaign link, along with bank account details will be required. For the most up-to-date requirements for Individual and Organisation accounts please visit www.stripe.com. For the most up-to-date requirement please visit www.stripe.com.

What cards are accepted through Stripe?


Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX

Can participants pay by a method other than Stripe,  i.e. Cash/Bank Transfer?


No, all payments on the campaign GalaBid must be made online via your Stripe account.

Who can use the GalaBid fundraising platform?


Anyone can use the GalaBid platform as long as you agree and follow our Terms and Conditions

How is personal information stored?


Please view our Privacy Policy

Are we required to have an official "organization" or a 501(c)3 status?


No, you do not need to be a non-profit or not-for-profit organization to use GalaBid.

Do my supporters need an account to be able to bid, buy, or donate?


Yes, they will need to register with basic information including a first and last name and verified email address to participate in your campaign.

Can supporters view my fundraising campaign website and items without an account?


Yes, they will be able to view all of your campaign details including item information and branding/sponsor information.

How do I delete my fundraising campaign?


Please contact helpdesk@galabid.com with your campaign details and we will delete your campaign for you. Please note this action is irreversible and will also remove all data from your participants' accounts.

How do I reset my password as an organiser?


Go to dashboard.galabid.com and select the 'Forgot Password' link, if you are still having issues receiving the email contact helpdesk@galabid.com.

Can participants make themselves anonymous?


Yes, they will need to enter their name and email to register, however on the registration page there is a checkbox where they can opt in to become anonymous on the participant view of the campaign. In the Dashboard you will be able to see their name information as an campaign administrator.

Can I run my fundraising campaign in another currency?


GalaBid supports all currencies used by Stripe, you can see if yours is included here https://stripe.com/global

Can I bulk load my items with a spreadsheet?


Yes, there is a template which you download in the Items section of the platform. You can load items multiple times in this manner.

Is there a maximum number of items I can load?


To keep the platform loading as quickly as possible we recommend a max of 300 items with up to 10 images each, or 1000 with no images.

Do you need to download an app to use GalaBid?


No, GalaBid is completely browser based and can be used from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How do I add shipping to my items?


Currently you cannot add shipping to your items in the platform, we suggest to charge your participants separately or to mark up the starting bid to cover the cost of shipping.

Do you track participants' IP addresses?


No, GalaBid does not track participants.

How do participants register?


Each campaign includes a QR code which points to the registration page for your campaign. You can also share the campaign link so users can browse first. They will be promoted to register in order to participate.  There is also a ready-to-go PDF you can download in the Control Panel > Useful Documents

Can I list my live auction prizes on GalaBid?


Yes, if you are using GalaBid for a silent auction/raffle/donations  you can also list Live Auction prizes, we call this item type 'Locked' and this means that your participants can view the item details. Pre-bidding can be enabled. For a step by step guide see this article in our help center.

I haven't receive my payout from my campaign, who do I contact?


Please log into your Stripe account and contact Stripe support https://support.stripe.com/

Can I use the platform for an estate sale?


Yes, you can add your items as silent auction items or buy-now to sell them.

Can I sell tickets to my event through GalaBid?


We do not have a feature for this, however, you are able to sell tickets as buy-now items and download the Buy-now report to see your list of sold tickets and the purchaser's information.

Can I add branding to my fundraising campaign website?


Yes, GalaBid if customizable. You can load your own banner, logos, homepage, and edit your page colors within the Branding section of the dashboard.

How do I show my sponsors?


There are multiple ways to show sponsors on your campaign. The most popular is to load the logo in the top left-hand logo section, or to add sponsor logos to your banner which is the main image at the top of the page. You are able to load multiple banners which will rotate if you wish. Another option is to add an info page and link this to the side menu or a Home Page with widgets. On the infopage you can add text, images, and videos to give your sponsor recognition. All instructions on how to add branding and logos, create and link to info and widget pages are located in the HELP section within the dashboard. This section is accessible once you create your first campaign.

Can I add additional admins to my organization?


Yes, once you are logged into the dashboard you can add additional admins by going to Organization in the top menu > Admins > Add Admin using their email address. This will send them an invite to create their own login to your organization.

Can I use third party consignment prizes?


Yes, you can add sale or return prizes on Consignment to your campaign from the catalog within the dashboard. The cost of the prize is deducted by Stripe and sent to GalaBid at the point of sale. The winner receives a message with a voucher including details for how to redeem the prize. GalaBid manages the prize fulfillment process.

Can I add additional items when the fundraising campaign is live?


Yes, you add new items and edit item descriptions once your campaign is live. Starting bids cannot be edited once bids have been placed.