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Great Fundraising Ideas To Help You Raise More

Find out how you can use GalaBid's online software for raffles, donations and silent auctions to help raise money for your charity or non-profit

When should I open and close my fundraising event's silent auction?

How long should my silent auction stay open for? How long in advance of the event should I launch my auction? At what point during the event should I close my auction, and is there a case for closing an auction post event? This article looks at the main factors event fundraisers will consider.

12 questions to ask when choosing a ticketing platform for your nonprofit’s fundraising gala

If you are planning a fundraiser, perhaps a gala dinner and you are looking for a way to sell and distribute tickets you may be surprised at the number of options a google search can return. Here is an overview of some key features important to nonprofits and questions to ask yourself when evaluating the various software options available.

How to find the Right Online Bidding Software to raise money for your cause?

Whether you’re organizing a glamorous Charity Gala, a local school fair, or running a fundraising auction as a standalone online campaign, we’ve compiled a guide to the essential features and considerations when selecting online bidding software.

Maximize Volunteer Power at Fundraising Events

How amazing are your volunteers? These people are passionate about your cause and happy to give their time and talents to help achieve great things for your non-profit.If you’re holding an in-person fundraising event, volunteers can make a huge difference to your guests’ experience and fundraising results.

10 Top Silent Auction Prize Ideas For Your Fundraising Campaign

One of the keys to a successful silent auction is having a large variety of items. Sourcing a range of must-have items means you’ll get plenty of bids, generate healthy competition, and maximise your fundraising result. 

Online Auction Software - A Beginners Guide to 7 Essential Inclusions

Running your fundraising auction online for the first time? This guide will explore 5 features you should consider using to maximize your total raised including, transaction fees, vouchers, donations, leaderboards and personal shoppers

9 Questions to ask when Considering Prizes on Consignment for your Auction

Items on Consignment can be a convenient way, to source tried and tested prizes for your online auction on a sale or return basis. This guide includes 7 key questions you should ask when weighing up which supplier to use.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Your Own Custom Fundraising Website

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your very own auction website using our platform. From setting up your organization and campaign to customizing the site's appearance and functionality.

Creating Compelling Virtual Fundraising Events

In this guide, we'll take a look at how you can create an online fundraiser to rival the excitement of an in-person event, with a particular emphasis on silent auctions, fundraising campaigns, and raffles.

Crafting Effective Fundraising Copy: 10 Tips for Success

10 tips to help fundraisers write more successful copy to engage existing and potential supporters. From avoiding cliches and jargon to learning how to use emotion and how to craft a compelling call to action, this concise guide has you covered.

Mastering Sponsorship for Your Fundraising Event: Tips for Success

This guide outlines how to secure and leverage sponsorship to boost your fundraising event's success. Sponsorship ensures financial support for a fundraising event and increases visibility for your cause.

Mastering Your Live Auction: Strategies to Surpass Your Fundraising Targets

Live auctions are the showstoppers at fundraising events. Here are five strategies event fundraisers can use to boost live auction results including spotting bids, a knowledgeable auctioneer and showcasing the prizes effectively.

Streamline Your Fundraising Efforts with these Digital Solutions

Being time poor can leave you with little room to organize a traditional fundraising event. Here are three convenient digital fundraising options that will help you raise money effectively without overwhelming your already busy life.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Online Fundraising Terminology

Online fundraising has become a vital part of charitable efforts, however, you might find some of the terms and confusing when starting out. Our handy guide will give you the lowdown on all the need-to-know terms.

Elevate Your Fundraising Event with an Effective Leaderboard

Your leaderboard not only provides valuable information but also serves as a powerful tool to engage and motivate your event attendees. To ensure your leaderboard delivers exceptional results, we have listed the key inclusions and considerations.

Takeaways from the Nonprofit Marketing Summit - Radical Impact

The latest three day event took place online just last week, and I had the pleasure of being part of it. It was an excellent event, packed full of practical tips and inspiring and thought provoking discussion. 

Should I Choose a Live Auction or Silent Auction?

Fundraising events play a crucial role in supporting various causes, and choosing the right approach can make all the difference. Two popular options are silent auctions and live auctions with each offering unique advantages and considerations.

Free Silent Auction Software 2024 - A Review of Popular Platforms

In 2024 there is an abundance of silent auction software options available to non-profits and individuals raising money for good causes. They are all optimized for charity fundraising however the pricing models and support available varies widely. 

9 Considerations when Setting Silent Auction Starting Bids

Setting the right silent auction bid can be challenging. Too low and the item may not reach its retail or market value. If the starting bid price is too high, it may deter people from placing bids. Our handy guide will help you find the right starting price for your auction items.

A Short Guide to Fundraising Event Tickets

Creating and selling tickets for a fundraising event can be a challenging task, especially if you are new to event planning or fundraising. However, with a bit of planning you can successfully sell tickets and generate revenue for your cause.

A Guide to Free and Paid Online Fundraising Platforms

If you’re looking to raise money for a good cause, there are hundreds of fundraising platforms to choose from. These platform options can vary in whether you pay for the service, or if it’s offered free of charge.

Easy Crowdfunding Campaigns in 7 Steps

Crowdfunding is a great way for individuals, communities, clubs and charities to raise funds for a specific cause or project. GalaBid’s crowdfunding platform is easy to use and quick to set-up. Setting-up a Crowdfunding Campaign on GalaBid takes no time at all.

How to Choose the Right Online Fundraiser

There are lots of online fundraising options for individual fundraisers, non-profits, and communities to choose from. How do you know whether a silent auction, digital raffle or donation drive is the right fundraiser for your cause?

Why You Should Use an Online Fundraising Platform

Thinking of raising money for a great cause but worried you don’t have time to organise a big event? Digital fundraising is the effective and fast way to raise money without it turning into a full-time job.

The Best Online Silent Auction Experience for your Supporters

Without the help of your generous supporters, your fundraiser won’t reach the targets needed to make a positive difference to others. Here are a few things you can do to make sure every supporter knows your fundraiser is worth their support and that their contribution is appreciated.

Best Prize Items for Online Silent Auctions

Using an online silent auction platform can generate much more funds than traditional paper-based fundraisers, but how do you know which auction items will inspire a bidding frenzy. Find out with our handy guide.

What is an Online Silent Auction?

If you're looking to run a fundraising campaign for either for an online only fundraiser or at a live event, an online silent auction is an exciting and effective way to raise money for your non-profit cause.

The Power of Single Prizes for Online Fundraising

Whether you’re running an online silent auction or a digital raffle, the quality of your prizes can determine the success of your fundraising. A single prize that has serious 'wow' factor can be as effective as a whole collection of prizes.

How to Secure Sponsorship for your Online Fundraiser

Attracting sponsorship is a vital element of many fundraisers. Corporate sponsors help provide financial support to stage and run many events. But what about small local fundraisers? Can they attract sponsors too? Absolutely!

9 Things Fundraisers Learned from their First Online Fundraiser

Running your first online fundraising campaign can feel very daunting. We talked to some experienced fundraisers about what they learned from running their first fundraiser and how to make yours a success.

Your Go-To Online Fundraising Guide

Love the idea of digital, online fundraising but baffled about the jargon? Unsure whether a silent auction or live auction is right for you? Worried you don’t know the difference between consignment and self-sourced prizes?Don’t worry, we’ve got all the low-down you need to make your next fundraiser a breeze.

3 Super Easy School Fundraising Ideas

Running a school fundraiser can be labor intensive for time poor parents and carers. Read about our three simple, fast and effective school fundraising ideas that will raise money and save valuable time.

How To Organize a Small Fundraiser (With Big Fundraiser Smarts)

A small fundraiser can still mean a big workload. Whether it's a community bake sale or local charity silent auction - every small fundraiser requires planning and organizing. If you’re time poor but still want your fundraiser to be a smash success, here are some tips to maximise results.

Community Online Fundraising Made Easy

Community fundraisers are often inspired by a desire to help a local organisation, individual or family. But if you’re not a professional fundraiser, how can you make your cause count? Let's find out!

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With over a decade’s experience, we know fundraising. Our fundraising platform has helped tens of thousands of events and fundraisers around the world raise more. GalaBid's online fundraising technology is specifically designed for fundraisers and is packed with features that maximize results online and at events.

Free and Paid Versions Available

As an alternative to our paid pricing options, GalaBid software can be used free of charge. That's right! On free campaigns a suggested tip to GalaBid is added to participants' invoices. If participants opt out, you still receive the software free of charge.