Online Raffles

Create a raffle website and start raising funds by selling online raffle tickets!

Looking for an easy and engaging way to raise funds for your non-profit? GalaBid's extensive raffle platform is free to set-up and makes selling raffle tickets easy.  You can create your raffle website campaign in minutes and start selling tickets online to your supporters, wherever they are.

virtual raffle website

How can I create an online raffle website and sell tickets?

It takes only a few minutes to create your raffle website! Participants buy tickets online and receive their digital raffle tickets via email or text. Our fundraising raffle platform makes it easy to increase raffle ticket sales, draw a winner and distribute the prize. The draw is a one-click process, with real-time winner notifications. And, with payment processing powered by Stripe, receipt of your online raffle proceeds is a speedy, automated process.

GalaBid Online Raffles Explained:

live display

Engage raffle participants with live and interactive displays

Want to broadcast the raffle draw to an audience - online or at an event? GalaBid's Visual Leaderboard Display allows you to bring your raffle draw to life, with animated visuals, updating in real time. Create your custom raffle draw display and watch each winner's name appear as their ticket is pulled from the virtual draw. You can also use the Leaderboard Display to showcase sponsor branding, images to support your cause, and prize details!

mobile online raffles
desktop raffle systems

GalaBid's extensive online raffle platform is the perfect solution to raise funds for great causes, just like yours. Powerful digital raffle features include:

  • Super fast set-up – create your online raffle in under 2 minutes!
  • Immediate digital raffle tickets issue – tickets are issued immediately via email or text on purchase
  • Secure and certified random ticket selection means a fair draw.
  • Maximize the amount raised – add options for supporters to cover transaction fees.
  • Boost your digital raffle fundraising - by adding an auction or donation drive to your campaign.
  • Generate excitement with a leaderboard. Reveal winners' names and prizes won one by one. Display at an event or online for maximum impact.
  • Two pricing options – Free Software + Suggested GalaBid Tips or a 4.9% Software Fee. See details below.
  • An Online Raffle can be a great fundraising idea for schools, clubs, churches or any nonprofit or charity.

Other solutions:

Our Online Raffle System is Packed With Good Things

purchase raffle tickets online

Pre-event Ticket Purchasing

Running your raffle at an event? Give ticket sales a head-start by launching your online raffle pre-event. With our secure digital ticketing solution, event invitees can buy raffle tickets direct from any device, mobile or desktop.

mobile alerts raffle


Digital tickets are instantly distributed via email or text. Automated notifications let ticket holders know if they have won a prize!

flexible payment crowdfunding

Instant Payments

Raffle ticket purchasers simply pay with a credit or debit card. Google and Apple Pay are also available.

silent auction payment secure

Secure Payment

Our secure payment gateway, powered by Stripe offers confidence and peace of mind for you and your supporters.

raffle tickets package

Flexible Package Options

Allow online raffle tickets to be purchased individually and/or in bundles of your choosing.  Bundled raffle tickets can be discounted in line with local laws.

raffle system invoice

Digital Receipt

Receipts are issued and delivered to purchasers immediately upon payment.

create raffles website

Custom Design

Create a beautiful bespoke online raffle. Design flexibility means you can add a home page and info pages to showcase your cause, other fundraising activities in your campaign and sponsors.

payment method silent auction

Fast receipt of Raffle Proceeds

Your raffle proceeds are processed by Stripe and automatically deposited into your bank account.


Advice to help you with your online raffle campaign


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Oct, 2023

"If you are looking for a bidding site, stop here. This was my first time and it is easy to navigate. The reports they offer are phenomenal. The best part is their customer service. At any moment I had a question and posted in the chat, they were there to help me! Even during our busy EVENING event, 5 minutes before the auction was ending, I wanted to know quickly, where to find a report to view winners, top bid, etc. - they were there even then! FanTAStic company to work with!!"

Oct, 2023

GalaBid was very easy to use and quadrupled our silent auction proceeds compared to the previous year (which was all in-person bidding)”

Oct, 2023

“Galabid was really easy to set up and amend as needed. The online chat system was invaluable, and the help menu was really useful for helping to navigate the site. Would definitely recommend to anyone setting up a silent auction whether they have done it before or not..”

Sept, 2023

“Really amazing platform with quite literally all of the features you might need for an auction - even more amazing support team who very promptly answered every question I had and were generally incredibly useful. Will definitely be using again 10/10”

Frequent Asked Questions about Online Raffles

What is an online raffle?


A raffle is a means of raising money by selling numbered tickets, one or some of which are subsequently drawn at random. The holder or holders of such tickets win(s) a prize. Traditional raffles issue paper tickets, online raffles use software to process all elements of the raffle - including ticket issue and the draw! Online raffles are a faster and more efficient way of running a raffle fundraiser. Read about some great raffle ideas for fundraisers here.

How does the online raffle feature work?


Here is a video explaining how the raffle feature works - GalaBid Raffle
Note that notifications via text message are available for campaigns on GalaBid’s paid pricing plans.

How do I start an online raffle on GalaBid?


To get started and create your online raffle, click on any of the "Start Your Free Fundraiser" buttons on this website, sign up to create your organization, then you'll be ready to create your first campaign where you'll be able to add the Raffle items to it. There is no lock in contract. If you'd like some general advice on building your raffle website, head here.

Do you need a licence to run a raffle?


To run a raffle you will must check the raffle laws applicable in your local area. In the United States, raffles and lotteries are controlled by a combination of state and federal law. Legal requirements vary depending on where you are located. Raffles are prohibited in Utah, Alabama, and Hawaii. Raffle laws in Canada are handled by three different groups: the Criminal Code of Canada, the Competition Bureau Canada, and local municipalities. If you are in the UK please refer to the Gambling Commission here. If your country is not listed above please contact your local governing authority to find out if you can proceed and if you are required to obtain a licence.

Are raffles legal?


GalaBid uses a PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator) with suitable entropy and ensures that ticket selection is uniformly distributed, which means when we use a random number to select a ticket, no tickets are more likely to be picked than others. To follow the legal guidelines of your state or province please search online and contact the governing parties accordingly.

What countries can we run our raffle in?


Stripe is the payment processor integrated with GalaBid. GalaBid can be used in any country where Stripe is available and online raffles are permitted in line with local laws. See the list of countries where Stripe is available here:

Why choose an online raffle?


An online raffle is a very effective way to significantly increase raffle proceeds.  It allows you to extend the reach of your raffle as you can leverage the power of social media and email to sell raffle tickets to a much wider and dispersed audience. With an online raffle, ticket sales can take place online in addition to in person.  Running a raffle online is easier to administer than distributing and selling tickets and collecting funds manually. Online Raffle ticket purchasers can self-serve, pay with credit and debit cards or Apple and Google Pay. Tickets are automatically distributed and winners are automatically notified. A certified random number generator ensures a fair and transparent raffle draw. Read more about finding your ideal raffle generator here.

How to raise money using an online raffle?


By collecting raffle prizes and adding details and images to your raffle item(s), you then sell tickets to the raffle at a price you determine. You can also set prices for raffle ticket packages. Set a date that the raffle will be drawn and on that day close the online raffle and draw your winners. All funds paid through the platform will be deposited in the bank account linked to your Stripe account. GalaBid is integrated with Stripe for payment processing and setting up a Stripe account from within GalaBid is a quick and straightforward process. 

Can you use GalaBid to run a 50/50 raffle?


Yes, the summary page and reporting will show you clearly how much has been raised. All of the raffle proceeds will be deposited in the bank account linked to your Stripe account, allowing you to distribute 50% of the proceeds to the winner.  Before running a 50/50 raffle check your planned raffle complies with the law in your area.

Can I run a Sweepstake instead of a raffle?


A Charity Sweepstake can be run on GalaBid in place of a raffle. To qualify as a sweepstake a free entry option is required.

How do participants receive their ticket numbers?


Once payment is complete GalaBid will automatically send an email with a link to the raffle item which will show the participant their raffle ticket numbers. Raffle ticket numbers are also visible to the participant in their GalaBid account. A Raffle Tickets report can be downloaded from the campaign’s dashboard to view participants’ ticket numbers and a breakdown of ticket sales.

How are online raffle winners notified?


Once the online raffle is drawn the winner will be notified instantly via email (or SMS if they have opted into SMS communication - on Fixed Fee Pricing campaigns). The message will state with item code (number) they have won and the winning ticket number. A link is included which directs the winner to the raffle item description.

How many online raffle prizes can I have?


There is no limit to the number of prizes you can make available to your participants. Make sure to set the number of prizes you have within the one raffle item when editing and creating the raffle item. For example, set Prizes Available to 3 and then in the same item description list Prize 1 xxx, Prize 2 xxx, Prize 3 xxx

Are online raffle tickets tax deductible?


No, raffle ticket purchases are not tax-deductible, only charitable donations are.

Does the purchaser receive a receipt or invoice?


Yes, once payment is made for their raffle ticket the purchaser will be emailed a payment receipt from Stripe. They also receive an invoice from the raffle campaign. Include details of the raffle organizer on the GalaBid Invoice template within the campaign dashboard. 

Can I also ask for donations in my campaign?


Yes, add a Donation item type to your campaign in Items. Participants can then make a tax-deductible donation of their choice directly into your Stripe account. You can add the donation item in Items > Add Item and select the Donation Item Type. You have the ability to set a minimum donation in the same section.

How is personal information stored?


Information is stored in order to facilitate the campaign on GalaBid only. Please see our privacy policy via this link.

How do I promote my online raffle?


How you promote your raffle is key to its success. We suggest sending an EDM to all of your followers and posting on social media. You create your unique URL when you create your campaign, sharing this URL to your supporters is an easy way to invite them to partake. We also provide a QR code for you to download and share.

What kind of items can I include in my raffle?


You can include anything as long as it is legal and follows our terms and conditions - including, but not limited to, firearms, illegal drugs and paraphernalia, adult content and sexual services; view the full T+C's here.

Do participants have to register to purchase tickets?


To purchase tickets the participant must register and verify their email address. They are prompted to register to the campaign as part of the ticket purchase process.  We recommend keeping the number of registration fields to a minimum however custom fields can be added as required by the campaign.

How long does it take to set-up an online raffle?


You can create a raffle within a couple of minutes, if you have an existing to connect to the raffle campaign. Setting up a Stripe account takes on average 10 additional minutes, and can be done from within the GalaBid dashboard if you have all required information on hand or if you are setting up a Stripe account as an individual. Large charities may need to supply additional information to Stripe as part of the set up process so we recommend that setting up a Stripe account takes place as soon as possible. This guide discusses common raffle challenges and how to fix them.

Can we offer different raffle ticket packages?


Yes, you can create as many packages as you wish for discounted or non-discounted amounts, this can be done when creating/editing the Raffle item in Advanced Options. Check the local law to ensure you comply with relevant rules about raffle ticket pricing.

How many images can I load for my raffle item?


You can load unlimited number of images for your item, the platform accepts PNG and JPEG files

Are there fees to run my raffle through GalaBid?


There are various pricing options available. View the details and inclusions on the pricing page.

Can I use PayPal to collect raffle ticket payments?


No, PayPal does not allow raffles. Also, GalaBid is exclusively integrated with Stripe. 

Can I sell/assign free raffle tickets?


No, the minimum amount per raffle ticket is $1.

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As an alternative to our paid pricing options, GalaBid software can be used free of charge. That's right! On free campaigns a suggested tip to GalaBid is added to participants' invoices. If participants opt out, you still receive the software free of charge.