GalaBid Features

GalaBid is brimming with features to streamline any silent auction, raffle or donation campaign. Whether you're a seasoned fundraiser or just starting out, you can select the specific features that align with your objectives to create a tailored campaign that both you and your participants will love.


Starting Bids & Increments

Starting Bids & Increments

Set your starting bid and an increment to apply after the starting bid has been placed.



Enter a quantify of more than one to auction multiples of the item to more than one bidder.

Automatic Auction Close and Winner Notifications

Automatic Auction Close and Winner Notifications

Set your and automatic close time for your auction. Automatic End of Auction notifications including payment links are enabled by default. 



Keep the bidding going until no more bids have been placed within your chosen time frame.

Bid Slider

Bid Slider

Our Bid Slider encourages higher bids and offers a quick alternative to placing bids by typing in bid amounts.

Reserves and display options

Reserves and display options

Set reserve prices. Below reserve badges will automatically display on items and you can choose to display or hide the reserve prices.

Bids and Buys

Bids and Buys

Track all Bids and Buys and quickly delete bids made in error. Quickly process any purchase or donation refunds

Sealed Bid Auctions

Sealed Bid Auctions

Our sealed bid item type keeps the highest bid secret until the auction has closed and the winner is notified. Great for items where there are multiples available to be sold to multiple winners.

End of Auction Donation Prompt

End of Auction Donation Prompt

Customize the end of auction message to encourage participants who didn't win/ or make any purchase to make a donation


Ticket Packages

Flexibility to include a ticket price and multiple raffle package prices.

One or more Raffle Items

Create a single raffle item listing all prizes available, or, include multiple raffle items in your campaign, each with its own draw and prizes.

eTickets & Receipts

Say goodbye to paper. Tickets and receipts are automatically delivered to the purchaser’s email or direct to their phone. Notifications via text message are available on Fixed Percentage Fee campaigns.

Secure Draw

GalaBid’s Certified Random Number Generator ensures a fair raffle draw. Each draw is quick and simple to run from the Raffle Controls Centre.

Raffle Draw Display

Build excitement and anticipation at in-person or online events with our dynamic Raffle Displays optimized for big screen projection.

Raffle Reports

Details of all tickets sold and winners are available to download as an Excel file.

Custom Fields

Custom registration fields enable purchasers to enter the name of a person who prompted them to buy tickets.


Instant Payment

Collect payments instantly. Donors receive a receipt direct to their email or phone.

Progress to Target

Display your target to participants and your progress in a visually impactful way.


Change your donation to a pledge and collect payment at the close of your campaign. Great for live events using the real time pledge totalizer.

Pledge Totalizer

Dedicated customizable leaderboard, optimized for large screen projection. Track your progress to target in real time, include new donation pop-ups.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid info collection is available for UK campaigns.


Easy access via Browser

Participants simply click on your unique campaign link to browse the campaign on any browser on any device. Optimized for mobiles. No app store download required!

Ad free Platform

GalaBid is free of third party ads. Only stunning campaign visuals to be seen here.

Email, Google & Facebook Registration

Registration is super quick and easy. Participants choose email, Google or Facebook.


A simple checkbox during registration gives participants the option to be anonymous.

Text To Register

Perfect for events. Announce on stage and watch the whole room register in seconds.


Search, Filter and Favorite Items

GalaBid includes handy filters along with a global search, categories, and the ability to 'favorite' items. Participants can track their activity and edit their profile data.

Dynamic Image Viewing

GalaBid allows for files up to 8MB to be uploaded. Every item includes an image pop-out, giving participants the high-quality and high impact visuals they desire.

Social Sharing

Spread the word and increase the reach. Participants can easily share individual items and the entire campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Messages of Support

Viewing and contributing messages of support to the campaign's activity feed is fun and easy to do.

Email and Text Notifications

All important notifications including Outbids, virtual raffle tickets, invoices & payment reminders are sent via email. Fixed Percentage Fee campaigns allow participants to receive notifications direct to their phone via SMS.

Activity Pop Ups

New activity pop-ups also drive friendly competition and engagement .

Active Participants Display

Each item lists the latest bids, donations and purchases by default making the campaign more engaging and inviting.

Contact Host

One click and participants can send a message to the campaign host.

In-person Event Assistance

In-person participants can get help with everything from registration to placing bids, buying raffle tickets, making donations and payments, all via event staff who use GalaBid's volunteer accounts (personal shopper mode) on tablets and mobiles.


Apple and Google Pay

Apple and Google Pay offer participants quick, convenient and secure campaign payments.

Automated Payouts powered by Stripe

Your campaign funds are delivered to your bank account directly from Stripe. No middleman. Fast payouts.

Stripe Integration

Secure payment processing powered by Stripe. Simply connect an existing account or set up a Stripe account from within the GalaBid dashboard. It's easy to do.

Secure Payment Processing

GalaBid's secure payments are powered by Stripe, a trusted, secure third-party service used by many businesses for online payments. Stripe provides a range of features to help protect your participants' data. This includes built-in fraud prevention tools, secure data storage, and compliance with industry standards like PCI DSS.

Cards entered once and Securely Stored

Card details are manually entered once only into GalaBid then securely saved securely in Stripe for faster future payments.

Cover Transaction Fees

Participants can add extra to their invoice to pay the transaction fees charged by Stripe, a nice option that most participants happily take up.

Downloadable Invoices/by Email

Invoices are automatically sent via email and are available via direct download when logged into the campaign.

Opt out or editable GalaBid Contribution

Participants on campaigns using GalaBid free software option can change their contribution amount or opt out entirely without the fundraiser receiving any penalty.

Robust Data Security

Participants take comfort in the fact that GalaBid only use data to facilitate the campaign. Data is not sold or shared with third parties for marketing purposes, and it is not analyzed in any way that could. compromise the participant's privacy.

Pass processing Fees on to Campaign Participants

Ask participants to cover transaction fees, or any fees associated with your campaign. Fees can be mandatory or optional.

Customizable Invoice Template

Customize your campaign's invoice. Include logos and contact information.

Bulk or Individual Payment reminders

Speed up payment collection with individual and bulk-send reminders.

Credit Card pre-authorization

Require participants to enter card details before entering a bid or making a purchase or donation. Charge cards securely stored in Stripe from the GalaBid Checkout Console.


Quick Branding

Upload a logo and a banner and customize colors to instantly create a campaign that will wow participants.

Rotating Banner

Simply load GIFs to create a rotating banner.

Sponsor and Info Pages

Create high impact sponsor and info pages including images, videos and text.

Countdown Timer

Build excitement by adding a countdown timer to the end of your campaign.

Customizable Menu

Customize your campaign's menu to optimize participant navigation.


Attention web developers! GalaBid supports CSS.

Customizable Home Page

Create a stunninglanding page with widgets to highlight sections within your campaign


Registration QR Code

Download the QR code to fastrack registration at in-person events.


Create beautiful leaderboards with a variety of layout options. Include New Bid or Buy-it-Now pop-ups, Countdown timer and pledge totalizers.

Live/Auctioneer Led Auctions

GalaBid includes a range of features to enable you to run and take payments on auctioneer led auctions at in person events.

Checkout Console

GalaBid's checkout console is optimized to facilitate speedy checkout at busy in person events. Search by item name or number, participant name or any data collected via campaign registration.

Volunteer/ Personal Shopper Accounts

Assist in-person event guests with everything from campaign registration, bidding, making purchases, donations, payments and anonymity.


Help Center & Video Library

Extensive help library including videos, FAQ and how to articles.

Online Chat Support

Knowledgeable and helpful team available online 7 days a week to provide guidance and answers any questions you may have. Check out for other fundraisers' experiences.


Full access to Participant Data

Access all data entered by campaign participants. GalaBid uses data collected exclusively to facilitate the campaign.

Message individual Participants

Message individual participants from within the platform.

Bulk Messaging to Participants

Schedule messages to communicate campaign announcements to all or individual participants


No Risk Auction Items

Access GalaBid's extensive sale or return, auction item catalog. View and add items from within the dashboard. Only pay for items that sell and earn all proceeds above the cost price. A 10% donation is built into the starting bid. The GalaBid redemptions team takes care of fulfillment. This is a quick way to boost your fundraising total and fill any gaps in your items list.

Multiple Item Types

Choose from Auction, Donation, Raffle, Buy Now or Locked Item types.

Item Multiples

Set the item quantity on each item to 1 or more and streamline your ability to sell multiple of any item without listing multiple identical items.

No Item limit

There are no items on the number of items or categories that can be included in a campaign.

Bulk Upload items

Use the handy item information spreadsheet to bulk upload your item information.

Multiple Images & Carousel

Upload up to 20 images per item which are then automatically displayed in an image carousel.

Bulk Update

The Bulk Update tool quickly allows you to update or add information to multiple items at once.

Show/Hide Items in Bulk

You can show or hide items or item fields, such bidder name in bulk.

Embed images, videos and link

Images, links and videos can all be easily embedded within Item descriptions and Info pages.

Copy Items for other campaigns

Copy items from one campaign into another with the item transfer feature.

Vouchers for streamlined Item Fulfillment

Create a voucher with fulfillment details or instructions for individual items or bulk upload vouchers for multiple items. Vouchers are automatically emailed to participants once payment has been made.

Add tax to Items

Add taxes or fees to be applied at checkout on specific items.

Market Value

Add the market value to applicable items and it will appear on participants' invoices.

Item Dispatch

Track the status of item fulfillment. Dispatch all or individual items on invoices. This is just one of the many useful features available in the Checkout Console.


Pay now or Pay Later

Require purchasers to pay at the point of sale or when the campaign has ended.


Enter a quantity of one or greater to sell multiples of the same item.


Instant Account and Campaign set up

Creating an account and setting up a campaign is a matter of a few clicks and a handful of fields.

Choice of Pricing Options

Choosing the free platform with voluntary contributions or the fixed percentage fee is easy and can be changed any time.

Multiple account administrators

Invite multiple collaborators to work on your campaigns.

Extensive Campaign Dashboard

Easy to use, the dashboard includes everything you need to create and manage your campaign including performance tracking, Reports and Check Out Console.

Unique Campaign Link & QR Code

A Unique campaign link and downloadable QR code are available to share with potential participants online and at in-person events.

Custom Fields

The Campaign Registration form is customizable. Add T's & C's and any custom fields such as marketing opt in questions.

Offline Totals

Easily add an amount raised offline to your campaign total.

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Why GalaBid?

With over a decade’s experience, we know fundraising. Our fundraising platform has helped tens of thousands of events and fundraisers around the world raise more. GalaBid's online fundraising technology is specifically designed for fundraisers and is packed with features that maximize results online and at events.

Free and Paid Versions Available

As an alternative to our paid pricing options, GalaBid software can be used free of charge. That's right! On free campaigns a suggested tip to GalaBid is added to participants' invoices. If participants opt out, you still receive the software free of charge.