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Harness people power to crowdfund your fundraising goal with GalaBid’s trusted online fundraising platform. Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for a specific project or resource, for individuals and charities. GalaBid makes the process simple.

Your campaign can be set-up in minutes. A custom URL link makes it easy to share via email, SMS or on social media. Plus, with safe and secure payment options, supporters can make a contribution to your crowdfunding campaign in just one click.

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GalaBid Crowdfunding Explained:

GalaBid's much loved online fundraising platform is the perfect solution for people who want to raise funds for great causes, just like yours.
Effective features include:
  • Super fast set-up – create your crowdfunding campaign in under 2 minutes!
  • Easily collect funds via Stripe - Connect an existing account or set a new one up in minutes.
  • Maximise the amount raised – add options for supporters to cover transaction fees.
  • Add a raffle or an auction to your crowdfunding campaign.
2 pricing options:

Option 1 - Voluntary Contribution
No software fee. Instead supporters are asked to contribute towards our costs. Opting out is easy. Transaction fees charged by Stripe apply. Transaction fees can be covered by supporters or deducted from the proceeds.

Option 2 - Fixed Fee Pay 4.9% of funds raised
Supporters are not asked to contribute towards our costs. Transaction fees charged by Stripe apply. Transaction fees can be covered by supporters or deducted from the proceeds.

Our Crowdfunding service has been especially designed to maximise the amount raised. GalaBid makes it easy for your supporters to contribute to your crowdfunding campaign, to show support or spread awareness:

  • A simple 'donate' button enables credit or debit cards or Apple Pay
  • The support feed allows people to leave messages and thoughts
  • Shareable link so your supporters can easily share your crowdfunder
  • Instant tax invoice sent via email

From small to large campaigns, GalaBid’s crowdfunding platform can be used to fund projects for individals or groups, like:

  • Supporting a loved one’s medical treatment costs
  • Raising money for new equipment for your local sporting club
  • Helping a local community after a natural disaster, such as flooding

Crowdfunding by GalaBid - Packed With Good Things

crowdfunding platform multi device responsive

Mobile or Desktop

Crowdfunding donations can be made from any browser, or mobile and desktop device

progress to target crowdfunding goal

Progress to Target

Showcase the total amount raised by your crowdfunding campaign. Includes progress to target, and latest donations

silent auction payment secure

Secure Payment

Our secure payment gateway, powered by Stripe offers confidence and peace of mind for you and your supporters


Digital Receipts

Mobile receipts issued immediately upon payment

flexible payment crowdfunding

Flexible Payment Options

Choose from a free service with voluntary contribution or fixed price percentage on each donation.

easy and quick to set up crowdfunding

Fast Set-up

Get crowdfunding in minutes with our easy set-up


Helping fundraisers raise more since 2011

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Oct, 2023

"If you are looking for a bidding site, stop here. This was my first time and it is easy to navigate. The reports they offer are phenomenal. The best part is their customer service. At any moment I had a question and posted in the chat, they were there to help me! Even during our busy EVENING event, 5 minutes before the auction was ending, I wanted to know quickly, where to find a report to view winners, top bid, etc. - they were there even then! FanTAStic company to work with!!"

Oct, 2023

GalaBid was very easy to use and quadrupled our silent auction proceeds compared to the previous year (which was all in-person bidding)”

Oct, 2023

“Galabid was really easy to set up and amend as needed. The online chat system was invaluable, and the help menu was really useful for helping to navigate the site. Would definitely recommend to anyone setting up a silent auction whether they have done it before or not..”

Sept, 2023

“Really amazing platform with quite literally all of the features you might need for an auction - even more amazing support team who very promptly answered every question I had and were generally incredibly useful. Will definitely be using again 10/10”

Frequent Asked Questions About Crowdfunding

How long does it take to set up a crowdfunding campaign?


A crowdfunding campaign can be set up in minutes on GalaBid. Simply create your organisation first using this link then from within your crowdfunding campaign dashboard add your crowdfunding item. After adding the "Crowdfunding item", you will be able to add images and information about the project you are crowdfunding for.

Do I have to be a registered charity to crowdfund on GalaBid?


You don't. Individuals and charities can set up a Crowdfunding campaign on GalaBid.

How much will it cost to use GalaBid for crowdfunding?


It is free to set-up your campaign, and once created, you can choose between two pricing options.
1) Pay 7% of proceeds collected
2) Pay 0% of proceeds collected if you allow us to ask your supporters to make a voluntary contribution towards our costs at checkout.
Stripe Transaction Fees: note that Stripe fees will be charged in addition by Stripe on both pricing options. Current Stripe fees in the US are 2.9% + 30c Current Stripe fees in the UK are 1.4% + 20pFor the latest Stripe fees (pricing) see

How long can my crowdfunding campaign run for?


There is no time restriction on campaign length. Keep your campaign open as long as you need it to hit your target.

How do my supporters donate to my crowdfunding campaign?


To donate to a crowdfunding campaign is very simple:
1) Share your campaign link with supporters via social media or email etc.
2) Supporters then enter a donation amount and register on the GalaBid platform by entering and verifying their email address.
3) Supporters pay for their donation securely via credit or debit card or Apple Pay.
4) Once the payment is processed they can leave a message of support.

Can participants view my crowdfunding before they register?


Yes, once the campaign manager/organiser shares the campaign link with potential participants they can view all items. If they try to place a bid in an auction or donate to a crowdfunding campaign, buy now etc, before registering, the system will prompt them to register first.

Can my supporters cover Stripe's transaction fees?


Yes. When setting up your crowdfunding campaign on GalaBid you can request or mandate that supporters pay a specified percentage or fixed amount (or both) when checking out. This fee can be used to cover campaign costs for example, Stripe fees or GalaBid's software fee.

How can I edit my crowdfund campaign once live?


Yes. You can edit your crowdfunding at any stage during the set-up and while it's live using our easy-to-use CMS.

How are funds raised transferred to the charity?


The campaign administrator collects the funds via Stripe and makes the tranfer/donation to the charity. Connecting an existing Stripe account or creating a new one is part the Crowdfunding campaign set up on GalaBid. And, as part of the Stripe account set up a bank account is connected. This is where the funds collected by the campaign will be sent. See for information and the latest pricing.

How long does it take for the crowdfunding proceeds to be received?


The proceeds are distributed to the campaign administrator's bank account by Stripe. The first payout can take up to 7 days. The frequency of subsequent payouts can be edited from within the Stripe dashboard. For specific questions about Stripe accounts please contact Stripe's support team. More information here.

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Why GalaBid?

With over a decade’s experience, we know fundraising. Our fundraising platform has helped tens of thousands of events and fundraisers around the world raise more. GalaBid's online fundraising technology is specifically designed for fundraisers and is packed with features that maximize results online and at events.

Free and Paid Versions Available

As an alternative to our paid pricing options, GalaBid software can be used free of charge. That's right! On free campaigns a suggested tip to GalaBid is added to participants' invoices. If participants opt out, you still receive the software free of charge.



silent auction feature

Pre-event Bidding

Build early momentum with our pre-event bidding option. Launch your online auction days, weeks, or even months before the live event to get the bids rolling in.

branding customisation auction feature

Branded Auction

Customise your virtual catalogue with your artwork, colour scheme, logos and sponsors and see your creation come to life with the live preview pane.

payment credit card fundraising

Instant Payment

Make purchasing simple with our instant payment system. Winning bidders can pay and checkout directly from their mobile device as soon as the auction closes.

invoices feature auction

Mobile Invoices

Mobile invoices are generated the moment the auction closes. Sent via SMS, winning bidders receive immediate confirmation of their success plus a payment link.

secure online fundraising system

Onsite Support

Onsite technical support is available to make your auction run smoothly and without stress.

invoices feature auction

Mobile Bidding

Taking your event online means everyone can participate in your silent auction or raffle. From event attendees to supporters around the world, online access extends the reach of your fundraiser.

alerts notifications feature auction

Mobile Alerts

Real-time mobile alerts make sure auction bidders stay in the loop. Automated notifications tell bidders when they’ve been outbid, or when an auction ends.

leaderboard feature auction bids


Create a customised scrolling leaderboard showcasing each auction item and bid activity.  Rev up the excitement with a countdown timer and donation visualiser to track progress towards your target.

secure online fundraising system

Secure Payment

Our secure payment gateway offers confidence and peace of mind.

custom design module fundraising website

Custom Design

Make your digital auction platform as unique as your event. Design flexibility means you can customise the online auction to showcase your prizes and your cause.