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The Best Online Silent Auction Experience for your Supporters

Peter Hair
Fundraising technology expert, Co-Founder of GalaBid

Who determines whether your online silent auction fundraiser is a slam-dunk success? That’s right, your supporters and donors!

Without their generous support, your fundraiser won’t reach the targets needed to make a positive difference to others.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure every supporter knows your fundraiser is worth their support and that their contribution is appreciated.

Choose Your Online Fundraiser Platform Wisely

We want every cent of every dollar we donate to go directly to the cause we’re supporting. However, that’s not always possible or even reasonable to expect. Large charities and non-profits will often have overheads, such as office leasing and staff, that have to be paid for by donations or grants.

Small community fundraisers are unlikely to have the same overheads, however, if you’re using an online fundraising platform there may be costs involved, such as service fees.

When choosing your online silent auction platform make sure you pick the one that not only meets your fundraising needs, but one that ensures the maximum amount of money goes to your fundraiser and NOT on fees and charges.

Platforms, such as GalaBid, provide online silent auction platforms totally free of charge*. They collect voluntary donations from supporters for the platform upkeep.  

This means every dollar raised goes straight to your cause.  

Tell People How Their Money Will be Used

Supporters will feel especially great about helping your cause if they have clear information about how their money will be used.

Tell them about the specific resources, equipment, medical support, or facilities, that are needed and how much they cost. This helps people make a connection to something tangible and an identified ‘goal’.

Outlining what will happen if the money isn’t raised (without making people feel guilty or pressured) is also an effective way to ensure supporters understand how they will be helping by participating in your silent auction.  

Say Thank-You

Saying thank-you is a small act with big rewards. Acknowledging the help of your supporters will give them a feel-good boost and a lasting positive connection to your cause.

You don’t have to make a grand gesture, a simple post on your social media channels or via an email will make all the difference.  You can do this while the fundraising campaign is running, and once the silent auction closes.

Telling people how much was raised and how delighted you are with the results helps let people know that they played an important part in the success.

Send Progress Reports

Your silent auction is finished, and you’ve donated the funds or are busy making key purchases for your cause.  

While you have important work to do, don’t forget to keep people updated with what’s happening with your fundraiser. Your supporters will have an emotional connection to your cause and will be keen to know that their donations are helping.

Again, it doesn’t need to mean heaps of work. A few social media posts or emails with details on how the money is being spent and the difference it’s making is all people need to feel good about their contribution.

Ready to fundraise? Let’s get started!

*excluding standard credit card fees

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