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3 Super Easy School Fundraising Ideas

Vic Birch
Passionate fundraising storyteller

School PTAs across the country spend a lot of time fundraising. Thousands of schools depend on funds generated by the parent community to support initiatives that fall outside government funding.

These initiatives can include resource purchasing, additional education programs and supporting hardship funds.

Unfortunately, running a school fundraiser can be labor intensive for time poor parents and carers.  Project managing events, finding sponsors, and promoting ticket sales may involve many hours work.

We’ve got three simple and super effective school fundraising ideas more that raise money and save time:

Example of a school fundraising website - accessible on any device, from small to big screens

Option 1 – The Donation Only

Set-up Rating: Super Easy

Time Commitment: Very Low

A donation only campaign is the easiest school fundraiser.  Run entirely on digital devices, it can be set-up in minutes and only takes seconds for people to participate.

The donation link can be distributed via SMS or email.  Donors simply click the button and donate. You can give them a choice of fixed options e.g. $1, $5, $10, $20 etc. Or allow them to donate an amount of their choosing.

Pro Tips!

The Donate Now fundraiser works really well when it’s attached to a specific project and target. For example, raising money for a new water fountain which costs $2,000.

Ask the school community to download the app at the start of the fundraiser, set a deadline and hold regular donation drives until you hit the target.  Ask the school if you can send communications via their database.

Think about having a visible fundraising thermometer at the school to chart the donation tally at it rises.

Option 2 – Cash or Prize Online Raffle

Set-up Rating: Super Easy

Time Commitment: Very Low to low

A online raffle is just like a traditional raffle except everything takes place online.

Accessible via any mobile device, the platform generates automated, random raffle tickets to buyers. It also completes the final draw (which is randomized and tamper-proof).

The participation link is sent out via SMS, making it easy to share and pass on.

You can offer a prize or selection of prizes for the winners or make it a cash raffle. A cash raffle is even easier as there is no need to source items, you simply make a percentage of the money raised the main prize.

For example, your raffle cash prize might be 15% of the takings. If your raffle makes $30,000 the winner takes home $4,500.

Winners can be notified directly via SMS.

Option 3 – Digital Silent Auction    

Set-up Rating: Easy

Time Commitment:  Low to Medium

A digital silent auction may involve a little more work, but once the auction is up and running it’s very simple.

The digital silent auction is run entirely online, with prizes displayed via an online catalogue.  Bids can be placed by anyone with access to the auction link right up until the closing deadline.

Sourcing prizes can take a bit of time so think carefully about how many prizes you want to offer and how you’ll secure them.

Pro Tips!

Local businesses and the school community are great options for donations, however, also think about using consignment services.

Consignment services can offer hard-to-source prizes, such as luxury holidays and experiences. The sourcing work is done for you and can be used on a no-risk basis.

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