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A Short Guide to Fundraising Event Tickets

Dee Brannick
Fundraising specialist, Co-Founder of GalaBid

Creating and selling tickets for a fundraising event can be a challenging task, especially if you are new to event planning or fundraising.

However, with a bit of planning you can successfully sell tickets and generate revenue for your cause.

Here’s a short guide to maximising tickets sales (and minimising time spent!):

1. Find your target audience

The first step in selling tickets for a fundraising event is to understand your target audience.

Identify the people who are most likely to be interested in attending your event and supporting your cause. This could include donors, sponsors, volunteers, or members of the community.

If you’re organizing a fundraising event for local sports club it makes sense that your target audience will be club members, their friends and family – plus people from the local community.

If you’re organizing a gala dinner for a national children’s charity, your target audience will be drawn from the charity’s sponsor, volunteer and donor base.

2. Set ticket prices

When setting ticket prices, consider several factors, such as the cost of the event, the size of the venue, and the level of interest in the event.

Think about offering different ticket levels or packages, such as VIP tickets or group discounts, to attract more buyers.

Make sure that the ticket prices are affordable for your target audience.   Have a look online at similar events to get a guide for how much is reasonable to charge for your fundraising event tickets.

3.     Choose the right ticketing platform

With paper tickets a thing of the past, digital ticketing makes fundraising event ticket creation, selling and collecting simple.

While there are lots of online options to choose from, make sure your chosen provider offers the services you need and how much those services will cost. At a minimum, tickets should be easily created online and issue via SMS or email to recipients.

If you’re using an online fundraising platform, like GalaBid, for your event auction or raffle check to see if it supports ticketing.

GalaBid supports digital event ticketing within the platform. Payment is secure and ticket issue occurs in real-time, plus there’s no extra cost to include ticketing.  You can even customize the ticket design and include text fields for specific questions such as enquiring about dietary requirements.  

Read more about GalaBid’s ticketing option here:

4.  Create a marketing plan

A marketing plan simply means having a plan to generate interest and tickets sales.

It can be as straightforward as telling your friends and family about the event, posting an advert in your community Facebook page, and putting up posters in places where your target audience will see them.

Larger events may need a more detailed plan that utilizes social media, email, and other digital marketing channels to promote the fundraising event. You might want to partner with local businesses, media outlets, and other organizations to help spread the word.

5.  Offer incentives  

Incentives can be an effective way to boost ticket sales.

Early-bird discounts, free merchandise, or other perks can encourage buyers to purchase tickets early. You can also offer incentives for those who donate to your cause or refer new buyers.

In Summary

By following the tips and strategies outlined here, you can increase your chances of selling tickets and generating revenue for your cause. Good luck with your fundraising event!

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