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The Power of Single Prizes for Online Fundraising

Vic Birch
Passionate fundraising storyteller

Whether you’re running an online silent auction or a digital raffle, the quality of your prizes can determine the success of your fundraising.

However, collecting a large set of prizes can involve time and effort. Asking local businesses and the community for multiple prize donations is effective, however, if you’re time poor is there an alternative option?

Having a single prize can be a lot easier! But, will a single prize be enough to make your online fundraiser a success?

I certainly can be. In fact, a single prize may have even more impact than lots of different items but there are some important points to consider:

Make it Count

Single prizes work best as attention grabbing, money-can’t-buy, options.  Unless your online silent auction or digital raffle is very low-key, a single box of chocolates or bottle of wine may not have enough ‘wow’ factor to attract support.

As your whole fundraiser will focus on a single prize, the prize needs to be amazing!  

While stellar prizes might be harder to source, if you only have one to find there’s still less work than organizing a large collection.

Prize Type

Exclusive, money-can't-buy experiences or memorabilia with a broad appeal are always popular. For example, in-demand tickets for a local sporting event or music concert, particularly if those tickets are hard for people to find in the open market.

Attention grabbing items, like a brand-new car, will also attract supporters who may not be part of your core supporter base.

If you’re raising money for a club or collective, you can make the prize appeal more targeted.

Think about a fundraising prize that’s directly connected to your group’s interest. For example, if your fundraiser is in support of your local football team, a signed football from a legendary Super Bowl could send bidding or ticket sales into a frenzy!


Finding your Prize

OK, so you have some ideas for your single prize, but how do you secure it for your online fundraiser? In short, you’ll need to find a generous donor.

Start by reaching out to your fundraising community. Email friends and family; publish a call-out across social media and state what you’re looking for and why. Make your fundraising story compelling by detailing its importance and the difference it will make if you reach the fundraising target.

Another option is to contact local businesses and ask for their support. Would a car dealership be willing to donate a new car?  Can a luxury hotel donate a holiday package?  

As the provider of the only auction prize their business will receive plenty of promotional coverage. You’ll be able to offer them high visibility through your online fundraising campaign and their brand will receive lots of positive feedback from the community thanks to their generosity.

Donations Too

A nice way to supplement your single prize silent auction or digital raffle is to include a cash donation option. Simple to do, a donate now button can be added to your online fundraising campaign.

Including a donation button is a good way to boost you overall fundraising amount.

Also, if you’re running a silent auction for an exclusive and expensive prize, cash donations help bidders who miss out on the main prize to participate. It also enables people to contribute who may not be able to afford to bid in the silent auction.  

In Summary

If you don’t have heaps of time to source lots of prizes for your online fundraiser, think about a single prizes item with serious wow factor.

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