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Elevate Your Fundraising Event with an Effective Leaderboard

Nina Kempster
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As the busy season of fundraising events is almost upon us, you may be planning how event guests will participate in a silent auction, raffle or a paddle raise.

GalaBid's Fundraising Leaderboard

If you're planning a fundraising event, a dynamic leaderboard can be a game-changer.

Did you know that approximately 65% of people are visual learners? This means that your leaderboard not only provides valuable information but also serves as a powerful tool to engage and motivate your guests.

To ensure your fundraising event leaderboard delivers exceptional results, here are key features you should consider:

1. Crystal Clear Screen: Visibility for All 

Large fundraising events can have attendees scattered across the venue, and it's crucial that everyone can see the leaderboard clearly.

Opt for a high-definition screen that ensures images and text are visible even to those at the back of the room, ensuring no one misses out on the excitement. If your venue is very large consider having multiple screens so everyone gets a clear view.

2. Creative Display: Attention-Grabbing Visuals 

A creative and visually appealing display can transform your fundraising leaderboard into a captivating focal point.

Choose the right font size, color contrasts, and formatting to present event and auction information optimally. An aesthetically pleasing leaderboard not only informs but also inspires action.

3. Pledge Drive: Real-Time Updates 

Pledge drives are a valuable fundraising option, either as a complement to auctions or as standalone initiatives.

A quality leaderboard should provide real-time updates on pledges, accompanied by compelling visuals that motivate attendees to participate and contribute.

4. Custom Display: Professional Branding 

Customization is key to aligning your leaderboard with your event's branding.

Branded screens not only lend a professional touch but also tell the story of your cause through images and graphics, creating a lasting impact.

5. Notifications: Encourage Engagement 

Notifications play a crucial role in keeping your guests engaged throughout the fundraising process.

Whether it's bid notifications or donation amounts, timely updates on your fundraising leaderboard screen prompt people to take action. 

6. Total Raised Tally: Incentivize Contributions 

A Total Raised tally is an effective tool to incentivize your guests to help you exceed your fundraising targets.

A fundraising leaderboard that displays real-time totals as they rise motivates attendees to contribute, ensuring that your goals are met.

7. Fundraising Thermometer: Visual Progress Tracker 

A fundraising thermometer is a powerful visual representation of your fundraising progress.

It encourages attendees to pledge more as they witness the "money mercury" rising, creating a sense of achievement and shared success.

8. Countdown Timer: Create Urgency 

Create a sense of urgency at your fundraising event by incorporating a countdown timer on the fundraising leaderboard. Use it strategically throughout the event or exclusively in the final few minutes before the auction closes. The count down timer will focus attention and generate a flurry of final bids.  

In Summary

An effective fundraising leaderboard is a versatile tool equipped with a range of visual tools to enhance your event.

It not only captures your guests' attention but also keeps them engaged and motivated to help you surpass your fundraising targets. By creating a dynamic leaderboard, you can elevate your fundraising event and create a memorable experience for all participants. It's a tool that informs, inspires, and ultimately leads to greater fundraising success.

Want to create your own captivating leaderboard. Check out this tutorial video

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