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Crafting Effective Fundraising Copy: 10 Tips for Success

Peter Hair
Fundraising technology expert, Co-Founder of GalaBid

The power of words in your fundraising campaign cannot be overstated. Your choice of language can be the key to unlocking hearts and wallets. Discover how to create compelling fundraising copy with these ten straightforward tips:

1. Beware of Clichés:

Just like social media trends, some words can become clichés when they're overused.

Terms like "sustainable", "disruptive", and "innovative" may lose their impact over time. While not off-limits, use them sparingly and only when truly necessary and relevant to your cause.

2. Ditch the Jargon:

Unless you're addressing a specific industry, avoid jargon that may confuse or alienate your fundraising audience.

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3. Make it Specific:

Vague references to your initiatives, programs, or services can leave supporters in the dark about how their contributions will be used.

Provide concrete details about the "why" behind your cause, such as sponsoring a Ugandan child's education, rather than just asking for donations to your "Uganda education program."

4. Digital Tailoring:

Writing for digital platforms requires specific techniques, including using active voice and optimizing white space. Understanding what works in different mediums ensures your copy's effectiveness.

5. Emotional Hooks:

Emotions drive action. Use words that convey the significance of your cause. Explain why your cause needs help, what happens if needs go unmet, and how support can create meaningful change.

6. Call-To-Action:

Words and phrases that prompt action create a sense of urgency. "Act now!" and "Change a life today" inspire immediate responses. Ensure that your call-to-action resonates with your audience and doesn't come across as a demand.

7. Value your Supporters:

Make sure your supporters feel part of the team that is taking action to further your important and urgent cause. Celebrating your supporters in your fundraising copy will encourage more supporters to join the ranks.

8. Change it Up:

Repeating the same message annually can diminish its impact. Stay fresh by connecting your message to current events or timely issues related to your cause.

For example, if you're focused on rainforest preservation, link your communication to concerns like palm oil production or the plight of orangutans.

9. Get to the Point:

In today's time-pressed world, keep your message clear, concise, and relevant. This is particularly critical in digital channels where attention spans are shorter. When reviewing your copy, ask if it's direct and to the point.

10. Muscle Words:

Certain words carry more weight in fundraising copy. Harness the power of:

  • You: Inclusive and personal, it helps supporters feel like part of the team.
  • Because: Emphasizes the importance of their help.
  • Join: Makes supporters feel needed, not just their money.
  • Immediately: Promotes swift action, leaving donors with a sense of accomplishment.
  • ?: Questions prompt positive choices and engagement, such as, "Will you help a child in need?"

In Summary:

Effective fundraising copy is a potent tool in rallying support for your cause.

By avoiding clichés, ditching jargon, being specific, tailoring for digital platforms, leveraging emotional hooks, using compelling calls-to-action, valuing supporters, keeping messages fresh, getting to the point, and employing muscle words, you can craft persuasive and impactful fundraising copy that drives action and advances your mission.

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