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9 Things Fundraisers Learned from their First Online Fundraiser

Vic Birch
Passionate fundraising storyteller

Are you thinking of running an online fundraiser? It can feel a little daunting, right? Where do I start? Will it take lots of my time? Will I raise any money!? Don’t worry. These are all questions most people ask themselves before starting their first online fundraiser

We’ve helped thousands of fundraisers, just like you, run successful campaigns and raise money for great causes. We asked some of them to share their hints and tips to give you confidence and get you started!

What’s Your Plan?

I learned that it's important to have a clear goal in mind before starting.”

It might sound obvious, but having a plan is the best way to make sure your online fundraising campaign is successful.  Having a clear understanding of why you want to raise money and what the outcome will be will help communicate your goals to your supporters.

“It's also important to think about the audience and what they might want from your campaign.”  

Good point! While you need to know why you’re creating your fundraiser you also need to know what your supporters will respond to. Will they prefer a donation drive where they can make a quick cash donation, or would they like a silent auction where they can bid for prizes?

Pick a Platform

Choose an online fundraiser platform like GalaBid.”

Once you have a plan you can choose your online fundraising platform. Look for solutions that are quick and easy to set-up, and preferably free to use so your cause receives every cent raised.

GalaBid offers a variety of fundraising options, so you’re not just restricted to donation drives.  You can mix it up with digital raffle and online silent auction to give your supporters a fun and engaging fundraising experience.

Set a Target

“Get a good idea of what you want to raise money for.”

You know you want to help but what does that look like? Does your softball club need new nets? Does a local family need a meal delivery service while someone is in hospital? Does a local animal rescue charity need money for feed?  Having a specific goal helps establish a fundraising target and help supporters have something tangible in mind when their donating or bidding.

“Pick a fundraising goal that is easy to achieve, but not too easy.”  

Setting a multi-million dollar target for your local club fundraiser may be unrealistic and deter people from helping.  Setting a very low target may make people assume it can be easily reached without their help.

“There are a lot of people who care about what you're doing and want to help in any way they can. Make it easy for them to help.”

Campaign is Go!

It takes time for things to start happening.”

So don’t panic if the bids, ticket sales or donations don’t start flooding in as soon as you launch your online fundraising campaign.  It can take a while for word-of-mouth momentum to build and people to connect with your campaign.  Make sure you send or post regular updates, donation amounts and campaign activity via email and social media to keep people engaged and remind them to participate.

Plan out your campaign with images and videos to make it more interesting and engaging.”

This a great way to create an exciting campaign that people want to support.  A mix of words, images and video gives supporters and donors an interesting range of content that will help them connect with your campaign.

You don’t need to create a Hollywood blockbuster. A simple video recorded on your phone, or a few photos is all you need for some effective visual story telling.

Keep track of all donations made on your behalf so that you can thank them appropriately.”

Your supporters and donors have dug deep to help your cause, and they’ll really appreciate a thank-you for their efforts.  You might want to send a personal email to those you have been exceptionally generous, or post a general ‘thank-you’ on social media. However you decide to thank your supporters, you’ll leave them on a high and create lasting goodwill to you and your cause.

Wrapping Up!

Running an online fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your cause.

And with GalaBid it's also free! Find out how right here.

Why not start now?

Our platform will guide you every step of the way through setting up your dedicated campaign web page You don't need any previous experience – just a mobile or laptop device and heaps of enthusiasm to make a positive difference in the world!

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