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The Flexible Fundraising Platform For Non-Profits

Your fundraising brand is one of your strengths.  It connects people to your cause and represents your values and objectives.

Your fundraising brand is most definitely not about us.  

It’s why GalaBid only provides white label fundraising platform solutions that are designed to maximise your brand.  Our digital fundraising services are developed with non-profits and charities in mind.   We’ve thought about every available space and how it can work to showcase your amazing cause.

White label means you get to brand our solution. Here’s why it matters:

Avoids Brand Dilution and Confusion

If our brand is plastered all over your fundraising platform we run the risk of diluting your message.

Getting the GalaBid brand in front of your guests could be great for us, but that would mean leveraging your non-profit for our promotion.  At a fundraising event, when all the focus should be on your cause, we don’t want to be a distraction.

We may feature on-site as technical support, but in any digital fundraising space all supporters will see is you.

Strengthens Supporter Relationship

Trust is a critical feature of the relationship between a cause and its supporters. We know that when your brand takes responsibility for a service (e.g. auction fundraising platform) it has to work.

The Galabid fundraising platform is one of the industry’s leading auction fundraising solutions.   Our digital services are built and tested by experts with the necessary technical and fundraising experience.

Our services won’t let your brand down. We’ll ensure your supporters and auction bidders get the user experience they deserve.

Provides Custom Options and Continuity

Your non-profit branding won’t just feature on the fundraising auction site.  From live screen leaderboards to invoicing, everything will carry your signature.  

This ensures continuity and brand visibility at every point users interact with the fundraising platform.

Delivers Data

Understanding your supporters’ bidding patterns and auction prize preferences enables you to plan for future fundraising success.

Data collected by the GalaBid system as part of your fundraising is yours.  Accessible via the CRM system you can export the event data you need in clear and easy to understand formats

We do not use event data information for our own purposes and adhere to all relevant legal requirements concerning data protection.  

Want to know more about our flexible fundraising platform for non-profits? Get in touch.

About GalaBid

GalaBid is CrowdComms’ fundraising software, developed inhouse, which facilitates bidding, donations, purchases, payment for and management of all fundraising activities before and during live fundraising events, galas, golf days etc.


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