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What to Consider When Using Digital Media to Promote Your Fundraiser

The global revenue for the digital media market, the US, is expected to reach $196 billion this year and $250 billion by 2025.

Having a unique design or brand aesthetic that’s optimised for digital media is a must for any fundraising effort.

Every major industry is looking to employ those who have studied digital media in depth, particularly ones skilled in social media marketing, the psychology of design, and other communication tools that can help organisations to stand out in the tech-driven digital marketplace. This now means that digital media degree holders are highly sought after, as “businesses and organisations everywhere have adapted their models and strategies to take full advantage of the growing opportunities the digital landscape presents.” With digital media being an increasingly saturated job market, many graduates are looking to build their own portfolios.

This presents many opportunities for fundraisers to find freelancers, consultants, and other well-trained professionals that can help navigate the world of digital media design. Apart from investing in the right people for the job, you will also need to put together a design brief for your organisation or fundraiser.

Developing the Design Brief

Whether or not you can afford to hire digital media professionals, the design brief will come in handy in figuring out how to craft your fundraiser’s digital image. This is simply a document that contains your goals for the fundraiser, the image you want to project, your resources at hand, and any ideas you may already have for the final designs. Using this brief as a design prompt, you can work with professional designers in figuring out the best ways to tell your fundraiser’s story on any apps, social media sites, or streaming platforms in which you want to establish a presence.

The Right Design for the Right Platforms

With a design brief to direct your efforts, it will be easier to pick which digital platforms to use in your fundraising efforts. While it might be tempting to try establishing a presence in almost every possible digital media platform or website, it’s much more practical to target the ones that are most relevant to your cause. Identifying these platforms greatly depends on understanding your target market, which will also determine the type of language and imagery that can best represent your cause or organisation.

Knowing which digital platforms can help you reach your goals will also help in narrowing down crucial design decisions, including but not limited to the look of your logo, the types of digital content you need to produce, and the ideal user interface for your website or donation portal.

Short and Informative Videos and Other Content

A large majority of successful digital media campaigns currently leverage videos. In fact, an estimated 63% of consumers watch at least one video online per day, while 89% watch a couple videos via different social networks per week. Releasing succinct and informative videos can be a great and easily shareable way of telling the story behind your fundraiser. This is also your chance to feature a spokesperson or even well-known supporters of your cause, which can lend more credibility to the way you tell your story online. Just remember to keep it short and end with a call-to-action.

These are the most fundamental aspects you need to consider when designing a digital media campaign for a fundraiser. Hire a digital media point person if you can afford it. Create and develop a design or concept brief. Choose your digital platforms wisely and design new content based on the needs of your target audience. Leverage short, sweet, and shareable video content for both permanent posts and temporary social media stories. Following these basic tactics will set you on the right path towards establishing a strong online digital presence for your fundraiser and advocacy.

Article contributed by Kathy Hope

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