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Good things come to those who... hire a professional fundraising auctioneer

When putting together a charity auction, many event organisers have difficulty staying within their budget. With the focus primarily on the cost of the event rather than the return of investment (where it should be!), deciding whether or not to employ a professional benefit auctioneer often comes into question. But the answer should always be yes! And here's why.

Not all fundraising auctions are the same…

And neither are auctioneers. Nonprofits don't always realise the importance of hiring an auctioneer with the right training and skill set to handle the unique demands of a fundraising auction. The ability to control the crowd, play up those 'big ticket' items, engage and entertain the audience and ultimately generate a dynamic culture of giving are just a few.

Benefit auctioneers know their stuff

A benefit auctioneer, unlike your standard non-fundraising auctioneer, has the unique opportunity to inspire supporters to give, returning home with a 'good feeling' rather than a tangible item. Termed, 'fund-a-need' this fundraising strategy, if done well, can be extremely profitable for your organisation. The expertise involved however should not be underestimated and requires one to deftly read and engage the audience, waiting for just the right moment to strike, maximising potential revenue.

You're not just selling auction items

An experienced fundraising auctioneer will not only sell items but importantly, the mission of the organisation. Reminding the audience of why they are there and where their money is going, will unify the group and strengthen the focus of the night. This not only has the potential to inspire experienced staff and volunteers but will allow new supporters to gain knowledge providing a firm foundation to create long-lasting relationships.

Advice from an experienced fundraising professional… priceless

Advice from an experienced fundraising auctioneer is a fantastic resource that is sometimes left untapped. Having a professional auctioneer to consult during the planning process is particularly useful, potentially saving you lots of time and money. Knowing the ins and outs of the fundraising industry the auctioneer will be able to introduce you to the right people at the right cost.

Need help finding a distinguished auctioneer with years of experience in the event fundraising industry? Maximise revenue at your next fundraising event and talk to one of our representatives now! Let's chat.

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