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3 Easy And Effective School Fundraising Ideas

A large part of any school’s P&C or PTA is fundraising.  

Many schools rely on money raised by the parent community to fund initiatives that may not attract government support (such as electronic white boards and specialist equipment).

Unfortunately, school fundraisers can be time consuming for time poor parents and carers.  Attracting sponsors, project managing events and promoting ticket sales may involve many hours work.

Here are three easy and effective self-run school fundraising ideas that raise more while saving time:

Option 1 – ‘Donate Now’ Button

Donate Now Button

A ‘Donate Now’ button is a super simple digital school fundraiser.  

Donors simply click the button and donate. They can choose from a number of fixed options e.g. $5, $10, $20, or an amount of their choosing.

The button can be included as part of a wider fundraiser, such as a live auction, or as a standalone app.

Tip: Ask the school community to download the app at the start of the school year, set a year-end target and hold regular donation drives throughout the year.

Think about having a visible fundraising thermometer at the school to chart the donation tally at it rises.

Option 2 – Cash or Prize Raffle

Digital Raffle

A digital raffle can attach to a specific event or run as a standalone fundraiser.  

You can make a prize/s the purchase incentive or (even easier) a cash percentage of the total takings, e.g. the winner receives 20% of the total amount raised.

Like the ‘donate now’ button, the raffle is fully digital and accessible via any mobile device.  

The participation link is sent out via SMS, which makes it easy to share and pass on.

The draw is fully automated and winners can be notified directly via SMS.

Option 3 – Prize Auction    

Auctioneer in Action!

A live or silent auction may involve a little more work but the results will justify the extra effort.

The silent auction can be run entirely online, with prizes displayed via a digital catalogue.  Bids can be placed by anyone with access to the auction link up until the closing deadline.

A live auction takes place at an event attended by guests.  An auctioneer who introduces the prize/s and encourages bidding from the guests runs the live auction.

Whether you opt for a live or silent auction you’ll need to source prizes.  Local businesses are great options for donations, however, also think about using consignment services.

Consignment services can offer hard to source prizes, such as luxury holidays and experiences. The sourcing work is done for you and may be optioned on a no-risk basis.

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