More ways to boost donor acquisitions

Although donors are deemed to be more generous than ever before, the difficulty for nonprofits today, lies in differentiating their charity in a saturated market. Recently, we have started to see a trend toward nonprofits branching out, offering a variety of donation based drives. Centering on developing and nurturing authentic donor-nonprofit relationships, this new approach to donations focuses on providing supporters with more information and real outcomes on where funds are being spent. Below is a list of case studies put together to highlight the different types of methods that nonprofit have used in the past to help boost donor acquisitions and raise more.

Donation as a way of voting

Macquarie Group recently did a cool and very unique lip sync competition using GalaBid donations as a way of voting. The donations only campaign welcomed supporters to donate money ($10 or more) to who they thought were the best lip syncing group at the live event. Not only did this donation drive inspire supporters to open their wallets, it also provided the night with some very interesting entertainment, a great atmosphere and an evening full of fun and friendly competition.

Online Gift Registry

Providing world-class respite and end of life care for life-limited children and their families, Hummingbird House had the wonderful idea to promote their buy-it-now pledge items in the form of a gift registry. This donation drive offered supporters the opportunity to purchase an assortment of items ranging from practical gifts such as pillow cases and kettles for the family accommodation suites to those gifts meant to be enjoyed such as dress up costumes and playstations used throughout the Hummingbird House.

Auction off tangible donations

The One Girl Gala, aimed at helping make dreams come true for girls in Africa, auctioned off a range of tangible donation items including packages such as 150 school uniforms and a year's supply of textbooks for 100 girls, to the highest bidder. Guests were further inspired to give at the live event with beautiful banners lining the walls featuring the faces and incredible stories of those whose lives were changed forever through the education scholarship programs initiated by One Girl. A truly exceptional night.

Fixed price donations

The Endeavour Foundation used fixed price donations to raise money to support research into significant issues for people with disability. These set donations appeased all price points coming in the form of $10, $50 and $100 options.

Online raffles with an option to donate

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation created a wishlist of essential and life-saving medical equipment in which supporters could purchase for the sick and injured children placed in Paediatric Wards, Neonatal Units, Maternity and Emergency Departments in hospitals across Australia. Donations were offered either as single or multiple buy-it-now items.

Online raffles with an option to donate

The Brisbane Broncos Charity Fund used the GalaBid donation option as a simple yet effective way to supplement an online auction and encourage supporters to give more at their latest Art Union.





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