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Top tips to engage your crowd at your next fundraiser

Fundraising events (as we know) are expensive business. Whether it's by way of a gala dinner, golf day, trivia night, fete and fair or race day, you are offering your followers the opportunity to engage with your brand in an enjoyable, entertaining and engaging manner. Sometimes however, events don't give you the results that you needed/wanted/worked so hard for. Below are some top tips to help you keep your crowd engaged and actively fundraising at your next event:   

Tip#1: Supplementing your live or silent auction with an online campaign. 

When running a live or silent auction, it is crucial to engage audience members via an online auction campaign prior to the fundraising event. This will enable potential bidders to pick out their 'favourite' auction items and determine which items they will bid on, on the night. This can help create excitement prior to the live event and position the event for a very effective and fruitful auction. As an added benefit this additionally allows those supporters who are unable to attend the event to get involved. 

Tip#2: Keep in mind your audience and their interest.

The type of event, venue, décor, theme, entertainment and music used in your event must appeal to those attending. Most importantly though, by getting to know your audience, you will be able to select auctions items, holidays and experiences that will stimulate fervent bidding in the auction room.

Tip#3: Engaging auction displays.

When selling a $5,000 luxury holiday at a fundraising event, you're going to need to use colourful, picturesque photographs and videos of people enjoying themselves to entice your audience and draw them in. A promotional piece that showcases the most essential information in a short succinct manner, including the location, starting price and any terms and conditions is particularly useful.   

Tip#4: Relatable Entertainment 

It's sometimes easy to book MC's and entertainers that we personally connect with, without thinking how our demographic might connect with them. Always keep the audience in mind. Don't be afraid to also think outside the box if your theme allows it. Girls Night In in the Sydney Northern Beaches had a fantastic flapper dance-along a few years back for their 20's themed fundraiser. Because the event was a very social cocktail evening this fun and interactive style of entertainment went down a treat.

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