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Bundling Auction Items. Now that's a wrap!

You may be thinking: the more items the better. But in reality there is actually a thing as having too many auction items at your fundraising event. An overload of auction items can in fact overwhelm your guests. A great way to trim the fat is to bundle low priced items instead producing an attractive gift package your guests will love. 

The perfect match. Get creative with themed auction packages.

It's important to wait until all donations have been made before you begin bundling your fundraising items. Picking donations that complement each other will not only help reduce the clutter but increase the value of smaller auction items. A few bottles of fine wine for example, pair perfectly with good quality cosmetic merchandise and a gift voucher to a local spa and will ultimately bring in higher bids than each item would separately.   

There is no conflict in looking good. 

The next step is to ensure your items are presented in a charming and appealing manner. Displaying items in a basket or decorative box is a delightful, cheap and easy way for guests to take their prize home.   Need help sourcing prizes for your next fundraising event? Click here for some handy hints that might help you along the way.

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