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A Simple Guide to Recruiting Volunteers for Your Next Fundraising Event

Fundamental to a successful fundraising event is a strong volunteer team. The benefit of having good volunteers is huge. Not only will they help save your nonprofit money, they can also add energy and passion to your live event. Below we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to recruit volunteers for your next fundraising event.   

Step 1: Let people know you need help 

A cheap and effective method of generating exposure to like-minded individuals, social media is a great outlet and a huge help when reaching out to followers who believe in your nominated cause and those who may not have heard of you yet. By plugging sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, you can join groups with similar interests to your nonprofit and get people talking! Many schools today value the importance of imparting volunteerism in their students. By contacting your local school, you may be able to receive some much needed assistance as well as providing a service to the local community.   

Step 2: Assign roles and responsibilities based on strengths and interests 

Outline clear and manageable roles for your volunteers that are conducive to their skill set and background. This will ensure that individuals feel confident and hopefully even enjoy completing valuable tasks for your nonprofit.   

Step 3: Make your cause known 

Volunteers want to know why they should use their spare time to help you raise money for your nominated cause. Although most people are willing to provide support for a charity event, you need to make your mission and values clear.   

Step 4: Appreciate and thank your volunteers 

Be grateful for your volunteers' support. Volunteers who feel appreciated are much more willing to volunteer again, and much more likely to encourage others to get involved. It's incredible how far a simple thank you will go after the event.   

Step 5: Hold a get together 

Hold a social event for volunteers to connect prior to your fundraising event. Keep it informative and fun. This will allow your volunteers to feel like they belong to a supportive, empowered group of likeminded individuals and will keep them coming back year after year.

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