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How to make the most out of your fundraising platform

Case Study: A Long Lunch - Out of Africa

Earlier this month, the Red Rose Fund ran their 2016 'A Long Lunch - Out of Africa' event almost doubling their original target. Raising funds for The School of St Jude and the wonderful work they do in educating the children of Arusha in East Africa, the team made good use of GalaBid's auction technology platform maximising fundraising efforts. Here's how. The Red Rose Fund offered supporters a range of different ways to give. To supplement the already remarkable list of donated and IOC items and raffle, were a set of original artworks, sketches and jewellery handmade with love and care by the students from the School of St Jude. Additionally, on display were $25, $50 and $100 pledge items available for purchase. Each provided a heart-warming description of what a donation, for example, of just $25 could achieve for the students of St Jude. "It can buy a year's worth of art supplies for 10 students, so they can embrace their creativity. It can pay for five students to go to one of Tanzania's great national parks, Lake Manyara. It can buy seven mosquito nets so our students are safe from malaria and can buy 39kg of spinach. These nutrient-rich leafy greens help our students grow big and strong." This simple, yet effective message helps supporters to appreciate the difference one person and a small donation can make. The Red Rose Fund also provided guests with the option to have their prize, bookpack or artwork posted to them at an additional cost. This 'postage' option was used as a feature in the electronic catalogue offering a convenient and reliable method to organise shipment.  

Case Study: Camp Quality Giggle Ball

The ACT Camp Quality Giggle Ball is another great example of a nonprofit that made the most out of the GalaBid technology to increase revenue and ultimately exceed their target. Imitating the look and feel of the official Giggle Ball website, the dedicated auction platform was designed beautifully. Using the same colour scheme, logo and images, the site was simply a natural extension of the existing brand. Presentation of your auction items, whether online or displayed at the live event, can have a huge impact on how much your charity takes home. Camp Quality made use of a gallery of engaging visuals providing a detailed item description including the most essential information and voucher conditions on each prize page. Similarly, to the Red Rose Fund, Camp Quality also gave supporters the opportunity to purchase donation items for kids and their families living with cancer. For example, a $55 donation to Camp Quality will give a child a one-hour session with a child life therapist to help distract them during their treatment. For further tips and tricks on how to maximise your fundraising efforts, contact us!

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