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Finding the right venue for your fundraising event

One of the most important aspects of planning an unforgettable fundraising event is 'choosing the right' setting. The selected venue sets the tone for the night creating an atmosphere that is conducive to making audience members feel engaged and eager to support your nominated cause. It is however, also one of your biggest expenses. So how do you go about finding the right venue for your fundraising event? That is, a place that is large enough and glamorous enough to accommodate all of your generous guests and inspire loads of charitable giving.   

Suitable facilities Focus on the essential facilities you need to run the event. Does the venue include catering, the use of audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi, a sound system, lighting and staging? If not, expect to pay more to lease these items. 

Budget demands

Before agreeing to a venues rental fee, it is important to find out what is included and check for any applicable charges. You may need to additionally budget for everything from décor, cutlery, tables and chairs and linens to on-site staff and technical equipment.

Venue size and layout

Does the space fit the bill? Is there enough room to not only accommodate your target guest list, but also provide the necessary room to house auction displays, a welcome/ help desk, cashier stands, volunteers and much more? That being said, you need to strike a balance between overcrowding a venue that is too small, or having a larger venue that looks half empty. Additionally, will the layout of the room allow you to run a live auction, and include a performance area for entertainment or a dance floor and a large leaderboard display? You need to be aware of any unusable or impracticable zones in the venue.

Is there a wet weather plan?

Running your event outdoors can keep your fundraising efforts fresh and interesting however such events are planned months in advance and you usually only have a couple days warning of a bad forecast. Making sure your venue offers a wet weather plan is essential when Mother Nature interferes.

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