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Why Email Matters for your Nonprofit

You've got the venue, entertainment, catering, décor, prizes and guest list covered: it's time to let everyone know about it! A promotional email marketing campaign will help create exposure and generate interest, sell tickets, allow you to plug your most exclusive auction items and remind supporters about your organisation's nominated cause and mission. And for the early birds, you can direct potential bidders to the mobile auction platform and get the bids rolling in before the event even starts.  Want to know more? We've put together a succinct list of reasons as to why email marketing is vital for nonprofits of all sizes.   

A cost saver 

Email marketing is a cheap and effective way to communicate important information about your event to a wide audience.   Accessibility One reason email marketing has irrevocable value for nonprofits is that it's an easy way to contact donors on their mobile device. And since mobile phones are the new wallets, email allows you to reach an extensive customer base. 

A quick turnaround

Have you recently acquired a fabulous new auction items you just know your guests will love? Email enables you to quickly and easily update guests at any point in the lead up to your fundraising event.   

Segment your audience 

Your donors have different interests, preferences and budgets. And therefore creating a generic, one-size-fits-all email model will not always be suitable. Crafting appeals that are personalised can make a big difference providing a better experience for donors and thus generating more funds.   

Measure your results 

One advantage of using an email service provider to promote your fundraising event and live or silent auction are the analytical tools that come with it! Reporting systems will track opens, clicks and shares of your email. Being able to assess what sort of subject lines work best, will allow you to customise your content in future.

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