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When Choosing A Fundraising Partner, Think Small

So you're looking for a fundraising partner to help you run your silent auction at your next fundraiser. Your first decision is whether to run the auction on paper or use technology. Electronic auctions have been around since 2005. Since the explosion in the use of smart phones and tablets technology is the format of choice for most fundraisers. If you are in the market for technology your next stop will likely be an evaluation of the electronic silent auction providers out there. You may be surprised to find your options few and far between. The reason is there has been some consolidation in the UK industry and two of the major players have merged, creating one large organisation. Consolidation may mean great things such as more efficiencies and economies of scale. However, bringing together two operations can also mean a state of flux and an unsettled period while alignment takes place. Redundancies, location changes and service disruption are not uncommon during and after a merger. Bigger may not necessarily mean better and if you're trying to decide which is your best fundraising partner, here are a few reasons why great things come in small packages:

  1. Decision Maker Access Small organisations have a mostly flat structure. You'll often find the owners and senior managers at the coalface. Not only do you have greater  access to the decision makers, but you can have confidence they really know their business and the fundraising industry.
  2. They're Nimble

Boutique fundraising partners can turn on a dime. If something isn't working with the fundraising technology or service, they can respond quickly without having to navigate umpteen layers of managerial sign-off.

  1. Personal Service

A smaller team gives you an opportunity to develop a really close working relationship with your fundraising partner. You get to see the same faces for every event and have the assurance that they truly understand your fundraising goals.

  1. You're Important

You'll never have to worry about getting lost in a small organisation. Boutique service providers are guaranteed to treat every client with care and attention. No matter how small your event, you'll never be ignored in favour of bigger more 'lucrative' clients

  1. Bespoke Service

Rather than being bound by fixed rates and off-the-shelf products, a small fundraising partner can be better equipped to deliver a bespoke service. If you need something a little bit different or unique, smaller providers are often more willing to accommodate your needs.

Here's what some of our UK and Australian clients had to say recently about working with our small (and perfectly proportioned) fundraising service: '

Our producer was helpful and attentive all night and overall we felt like GalaBid worked really well. The back end of the website was easy to use and clean and clear and the page looks great on both internet and mobile sites. The branding opportunities on the page were also great.'Verity Maylam, SSAFA November 2016

"The team at GalaBid have been nothing but professional, sincere and helpful in all of our interactions with staff in the lead up to and on event day. It certainly made our lives that little bit easier by having GalaBid so involved with the Mater Ball."Alan White, Mater Foundation February 2017

'The GalaBid staff were great from start to finish. He was professional and efficient at the event itself and was always available when we needed help or advice in the lead up to the live auction - we would definitely use GalaBid again for any future charity auctions.' Tess Drew, RSPCA July 2016

"Our first experience using GalaBid was great! Bree was so helpful in the set-up of our auction and her knowledge of the interface and capabilities of GalaBid was incredibly reassuring for first time users of an online bidding system. We opened our auction one week before our event which allowed our entire community the opportunity to participate. GalaBid ran perfectly on the night of our Gala Dinner - we couldn't be happier with the success of the night!" 

Butterfly Campaign Gala Dinner, November 2016

About GalaBid

GalaBid is CrowdComms’ fundraising software, developed inhouse, which facilitates bidding, donations, purchases, payment for and management of all fundraising activities before and during live fundraising events, galas, golf days etc.


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