Uncover your fundraising potential. The auction's over, what's next?

Every event organiser wants to make the most out of their fundraising efforts. This means taking full advantage of your event and charity auction even after the hammer has fallen.

Focus on the follow up.

As discussed in the post "how to make the most out of your consignment service" one fundamental benefit to using consignment is having the ability to sell prizes, not once, not twice, but multiple times. It's important to note that after the auction, it is often extremely profitable to contact those guests that showed interest in the different big ticket items that were featured. Offering an item at the winning price may encourage those unlucky bidder(s) to reconsider and in turn purchase the available item. You could even take this a step further and offer one of the buzz items, that seemed to generate a lot of excitement on the night, out to the entire attendee list. An effective way to do this would be through email marketing. Teaming this offer with information about the night, how much was raised and of course, a special thank you to your guests can work particularly well.

Give attendees one last chance to donate.

Leaving the donation drive open after the event finishes is a great way to continue rallying support for your nominated cause. One reason for participants not donating to charity is simply because they were never asked. By sending out a text alert, a Facebook or social media request or email, with a link to the electronic pledge campaign, will allow guests the opportunity to jump on board and contribute one last time! Need help with your next fundraising event? Get in contact now!





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