The Rise of The Self Run Auction

In recent times, we have seen a huge rise in the number of self-run auctions. That is, fundraising without the assistance of a GalaBid technician onsite. From individuals organising a charity run, to schools looking to raise money for a summer project, or even nonprofits that are happy to simply learn how to facilitate a fundraising auction themselves… this 'self-service' option is viable for everyone. Cost effective and easy-to-use, this self-run alternative allows you to have full control over the management of your auction, whilst still receiving the excellent GalaBid service, pre and post event as usual!   GalaBid's unique content management system is a user-friendly tool, designed to make the build and execution of your auction as easy as possible. Never again do you have to send a trail of emails to correct that grammatical error in item #17 in the early hours of the morning. Go into the CMS and manage it yourself.   Gordon Dewar, an individual raising money for Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice, had this to say: 'The auction site was a great boost for my fundraising and accounted for about 75% of my total sum raised. I found the site easy to use [and] I would use it again whenever I do another fundraising effort.'   The Manchester Rubbermen, a small collective based in Manchester, also used GalaBid to host a art auction at their week-long event supporting LGBT communities. We are pleased to say that the event was a great success for the growing group, and Simon Hands the event organiser had these comments to make: 'We were touched that even though GalaBid usually run huge events, they let a small non-profit community group benefit from their service. Our charity fund raising last year got us just around $3000 whereas our total this year including Galabid helped us get to $5200, a huge jump for a small group! The system is really easy and simple to use, our guests loved the idea and were really impressed, and Henry at Galabid was always quick to respond and helped with any questions we had! Would definitely recommend using these guys for your charity event!!!?'

Another recent client, Things and Ink, a new tattoo magazine that embraces female tattoo culture, had the unique idea to sell over 100 magazine cover artworks. Raising money for The One Love Project, the group were able to extend their reach, far and wide, using GalaBid's social integration facility. 'It has been a pleasure dealing with Galabid. The platform allowed us to raise a lot more money than we originally intended. We had planned a paper ballot box, which seems archaic compared to this. It also got bidders more excited, knowing that they might be outbid and that there was an end point set in stone. Great site and would definitely use it again.'

It just goes to show... no matter how big or small your event, GalaBid's self-run auctions are quick and easy-to-use, and most importantly, crucial to helping you raise more for your nominated cause. Ever thought of running your own online auction? Let's chat!





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