Raising more with your next fundraising raffle

Holding an electronic fundraising raffle, either as a stand alone or in conjunction with your fundraising auction, can be extremely lucrative for your nonprofit. Your upfront costs are next to nothing, they demand minimal time to administer and the proceeds are limited only by the number of tickets that are sold.   To be successful, a fundraising raffle is dependent on the following three things:   

First and foremost, the prize! 

The more exciting and unique the prize list, the better. When running a charity raffle, it is important to consider using a consignment service such as the one offered by GalaBid. With a fabulous range of prizes, consignment is offered on a no-risk basis meaning there is zero upfront cost - perfect for running a low-cost charity event. In order to create more buzz around your fundraising event, you may also decide to hold a winner's choice' raffle. Having the opportunity to offer the raffle winner a handful of prizes to choose from is exceptionally easy when working with a consignment service organisation and ensures that your charity doesn't lose out.   


The price is right. 

Determining ticket price is paramount when organising a raffle that is profitable and rewarding. Finding the right balance between raising a significant amount of money for your nominated cause, but keeping it low enough to persuade almost anyone to partake is key.

Going, going, gone!

Maximising revenue when selling raffle tickets means; encouraging guests who are only purchasing one ticket to instead buy two or three, ensuring staff members and volunteers are available at all times and are circling the room and thirdly, having an inspiring and knowledgeable emcee making several announcements throughout the evening reminding guests to give more. Additionally, to be successful in your efforts, it is vital to offer electronic raffle tickets accessible by way of a mobile phone or tablet device. This will allow your supporters to purchase raffle tickets prior to and during your fundraising event, with just the click of a button. Payment is secured upfront, with a text message, including a link to the ticket number, being sent automatically to the participants' mobile phone.   

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