No-Risk Consignment For Your Fundraising Charity Event

Want to captivate your audience with some big ticket auction items but don't have the know-how, time or resources? This is where consignment comes in. The perfect option to ensure a well-rounded auction with sensational prizes that can hypnotise audiences and pull in more generous bids. Whether its a 10-day safari in Tanzania, an electric guitar signed by ACDC or a fine piece of art by a renowned artist, these items will add variety to your fundraising auction and even that little something special.

How does consignment work?

When partnering with an external company, such as GalaBid, who specialises in consignment you will be working on a no-risk basis, which means you only pay for what sells. In other words, no sale = no cost. And as for the prizes that do sell, you retain all of the revenue above the cost price. A reserve is set to ensure that the consignment service company gets paid and money is procured for your chosen cause.

Want to know what sells? At GalaBid, with over 20 years of experience in the auction fundraising industry, we are happy to recommend a list of suitable prizes that are geared to sell. Popular items often include adventure and lifestyle packages, memorabilia and event tickets. And let's not forget, holiday packages. Always a winner, these types of prizes allow contributors to kill two birds with one stone - support a good cause whilst taking a fantastic trip with their loved ones.

Another benefit of using a reputable consignment company is that they often handle everything to do with the redemption process - which means you don't have to! Physical prizes can be delivered directly to the winner or to you prior to the event. For holiday packages, the company will book accommodation and everything else included in the prize.  This will ensure that your winning bidder will have a truly worry-free and enjoyable experience.

Using consignment at your charity event…

Tip 1. Obtaining the perfect auction items for your fundraising event is essential. Doing this early on in the planning process will not only allow you to relax knowing that you have secured some fantastic and very valuable items but will also allow you to promote these items prior to the event date. Opening the auction prior to your live or silent event is a great option as it will give you the opportunity to secure an average of 39% of your final fundraising revenue before the live event even begins!

Tip 2. Don't be afraid to bundle items. Using consignment to mix in with your own donated items to create more unique packages and one-of-a-kind offerings is sure to encourage higher bidding.

Tip 3. Having those big ticket prizes is not always enough. By offering items that are in line with the interests of your guests and organisation you will be able to further generate awareness for your cause making a huge difference in the final result on the night. For example, at the 2015 Australia Zoo Steve Irwin dinner, the Zoo enthralled audiences by auctioning off a variety of prizes including: tickets to the wildlife warrior koala release; a tiger photo at Australia Zoo for four people; and a camping trip with the Irwin family on their annual Crocodile Research Trip. Needless to say, the crowd went nuts!

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