How To Promote Your Auction Prize Items Like A Marketing Guru

The way to make the most amount of money from your fundraiser is to get people to make numerous and generous bids. To do that they really need to want your auction prize items. A desire to support your cause coupled with a desire for a particular prize item is a powerful buying combination. It is how your fundraising auction will maximise its returns. The key to ensuring your guests are super excited about your auction prize items is a great marketing campaign. It doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming, but a little forward planning will reap rewards:

1.Advance Notice

Showing your guests a prize catalogue in advance of your fundraising event is a smart way to get people excited about what's on offer. Online catalogues have the obvious benefit of being easily accessible and sharable. Providing guests with access to prize items in advance gives them plenty of time to view the options and decide what they're interested in. For silent auctions you can even start the bidding early and get the competition firing before the event starts.

2.Great Copy and Photos

Think like a salesperson and make sure your catalogue items have great copy and enticing photos. Your copy should be engaging and lively. Sell the benefits of the items available. Have a skydiving package on offer? By all means tell people the facts, but focus on the thrill and the life affirming experience. Complement your copy with stunning images. Clear, high quality shots will go a long way to make your prize items must-wins at the auction.

3.Spread the Word

No doubt you'll be promoting your event via email and social media channels. At the same time promote your auction items. Tell people about key items or run little teasers for interesting prizes. Use your great auction items as tool to market not only your auction but the event itself.

4.Awesome Displays

At the event make sure you have plenty of space to showcase the auction prize items. Ensure you have enough tables for physical items and/or description panels (for items that can't be displayed) . Your displays should be placed where there is plenty of foot traffic and arranged so people can browse easily without crowding. Think about the table arrangement. Group items into categories (e.g. beauty and pampering, holidays, wine etc.) and designate tables for each. Make sure each item is clearly displayed and has space between it and the next item.  





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