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How to Generate and Retain High-Level Donors and Supporters

If you're in the business of event fundraising, you'll understand the importance in mobilising new donors and retaining them for years to come. Today, we have put together a list of strategies that will help show some much-needed admiration and respect to those dedicated high-level supporters and provide an incentive for future donations.   

Members club 

Initiate a membership program. This will encourage supporters to make regular donations above a specified amount. What's in it for them? As do all membership programs, these donors will receive certain benefits. Before deciding on what 'perks' your nonprofit will offer, ask yourself what motivates people to want to be affiliated with your organisation and simply fix the incentive to that. Although some members may simply get satisfaction from knowing they are making a difference, others may be looking for material benefits such as invitations to exclusive, members-only events or branded gifts. Although tangible offerings can be worthwhile, it is important not to allow guests to lose focus on the main objective of your organisation. Try instead to present something more meaningful.   

A hand-made thank you 

Saying thank you to your donors is not only polite, it's a useful and effective fundraising strategy. The typical generic thank you card or email however, these days just won't do! Instead, it's time to think-outside-the-box in your approach. In addition to creating a message that is warm, friendly and personal, your card should show how your supporters contribution is helping make a difference. Utilising testimonials, impressive statistics and photos of the team or people that they have helped (smiling and happy, of course!) can be very telling. A handmade card is extra special or if opting to go digital, a short thank you video would work extremely well.   

Capitalise on big-ticket high value items 

Expensive, glamorous, high-quality prizes are sure to attract big spenders. Promoting these items online as well as at the live event will ensure that a wider net is cast and even those who are unable to attend on the night are still able to bid on the item of their choice. 

Go professional

A professional finish is imperative when generating and retaining high-value donors and supporters. As well as providing incredible entertainment, delicious food and wine, a luxury location and beautiful décor, one must use a professional auctioneer, a sleek and easy-to-use electronic auction software platform and a team of knowledgeable and charismatic volunteers to maximise enjoyment (and profit!) on the night.

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