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Start your bidding before the event

Help increase your fundraising revenue and the interest in your auction by opening the auction prior to your live event. In 2013 our clients secured an average of 39% of their final fundraising revenue before their live event by using this feature so it really does make a huge difference to engagement and the final result!

Replace your printed auction catalogue with GalaBid

Bidders can view your auction catalogue directly from their mobiles, tablets or computers. They can view item images, item descriptions, starting bids, bid increments, current highest bidders and bid amounts. We can also provide links and images to key sponsors or donators. So many clients no longer have a need for a printed version, saving them $$$.

Widen your audience

Invite guests as well as those not attending your event to take part in your fundraising activities. Bidders can access and bid on your auction through any platform: mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. We've had clients open up their auctions nationally and even internationally to great success. This means a huge increase in the participation in your auction and donation campaigns.

Showcase the live Auction

Include your live auction items in your catalogue to build interest before the night of the event. You can even open up the items for pre-event bidding to get a good reserve! Winning bids can be entered via Volunteer Mode and payment for live auction items can also be processed through GalaBid.

Use different types of Items

GalaBid includes lots of different item types beyond traditional silent auction items. If you have more than one item available you can set up the item as a Buy it Now item at a fixed price until sold out. Or, use our Multi-Item feature and sell the quantity available to the top highest bidders. Ask for a demo of these item types.

Encourage more donation

GalaBid includes the option to accept straight donations for your organization or for a particular project. You can include information about how the donations will be used and an image gallery. You can also use the Donation Visualiser to display the total rising in real time. Choose between a number of customisations including donor honour roll, leader boards, the total versus target and sponsor branding.

Consolidate invoices into one

All amounts owning can be added to GalaBid via Volunteer mode or directly by guests on their phone. This means you no longer have to produce multiple invoices and receipts for raffles, live auction items, silent auction items, donations etc.

Leave the Printer at Home

Guests can access and email their invoice to themselves, so the vast majority of our clients no longer take printers along. If a winner doesn't have phone you can note their email address in the Content Management System and email them a copy the next business day.

About GalaBid

GalaBid is CrowdComms’ fundraising software, developed inhouse, which facilitates bidding, donations, purchases, payment for and management of all fundraising activities before and during live fundraising events, galas, golf days etc.


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