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Fundraising Spotlight: Doing it for Ned!

Saturday 7th May, saw the Ned Sparksman Ball go off with a bang! A celebration of family, friendship and community spirit, the night was a huge success with 520 people attending and the group tripling their original target revenue. GalaBid was beyond thrilled to assist Ned's family and friends in raising money to provide support for his ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.  

Social media hit the mark

From its conception in 2015, the Sparksman Foundation knew their audience and how to target them. Using social media to its full advantage the foundation set out to make an emotional connection with its supporters showcasing Ned's long and arduous yet inspirational journey. They did this in a variety of ways by posting;

  • Compelling photos of Ned, capturing 'happy moments' with family and friends both before and after the accident;
  • Videos highlighting Ned's large support network and heart wrenching journey;
  • Stories emphasising Ned's fantastic spirit and determination;
  • Genuine heart-felt acknowledgements to supporters; and
  • A timeline of renovations that took place at the Sparksman house, only possible due to the countless hours donated by family, friends and even strangers.

  Charities rely on public support and this case study is a great example of how one foundation was able to reach supporters, potential donors and volunteers. As stated in an article by The Guardian, "social media can be one of the most effective ways for charities to build supporters, boost donations, share success stories, network with like-minded organisations, encourage people to sign up to campaigns, recruit volunteers or demonstrate the impact of their work”. It should not be underestimated.  

Consignment is the go.

Also contributing to the success of the night, was the fabulous list of prizes being auctioned off on the night, including a private half day fishing charter for 10, a learn to surf weekend sailing course and a luxury Bali getaway. Utilising GalaBid's consignment service, the Sparksman Foundation was able to produce a diverse and exciting catalogue full of unique prizes that would otherwise be relatively difficult to get donated. The benefit of this no risk consignment service is that if the item doesn't sell there is no obligation or cost to you. Better yet, when also using GalaBid's auction software platform, the payment and redemption process happens automatically!  

Ned's story

Last July, Ned went on an overseas trip with some friends. Halfway through the trip he had an accident. Like all traumatic injuries they are untimely and unexpected. He was admitted to intensive care in Prague's FN Motol Hospital and had emergency spinal surgery. Ned has a T11 spinal break and currently has no feeling below his waist. If you missed out on attending the Ned Sparksman Ball or participating in the fundraising auction or donation drive you can register here to show your support for Ned!

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