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Every charity has a story to tell

Nonprofits seem to be getting better at cultivating long-term relationships and understanding the importance in developing a two-way dialogue with their supporters. With more charities flooding the market than ever before, and less supporters, presenting 'the story' of the nonprofit has never been more valuable. Every charity has a story to tell. How then, can one make the most out of their story telling capabilities, ultimately setting their nonprofit apart.   

Hook your readers early The first sentence of your story is vital for success. You must make a strong first impression and get your point across. This will help catch the attention of your supporter's and encourage them to read on.   

Make your case After your initial opening sentence, it can be tempting to skip straight to a call to action. Instead, devote the next few sentences to building your case and telling your story. The idea here is to tell your real-life tale in a way that is compelling, evokes emotion and eventually leads to an ask.   

Ask and you shall receive It's important to not only, sprinkle your asks throughout the story, but to ensure that your call to action is tangible, specific and urgent. Providing your supporters with a clear idea of how much they need to contribute to make a difference is key. For example, a $25 donation can buy seven mosquito nets with the Red Rose Fund, to keep the students at St Jude's in East Africa, safe from malaria.   

Your story is real Your tale isn't found in the fiction section at the book store… which is the most fascinating part! When you make a call to action at the end of your story, you are providing your supporters with the opportunity to make a very real and very big difference in the world.   Answer the big questions Supporters' big questions are always Where will the funds go? Who will they support? and What are the tangible benefits? Including this information in your story telling is key to getting you over the finish line. There is no possibility for developing meaningful relationships with your supporters without story telling. Check out our full blog for more handy fundraising hints.

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