End of year wrap-up email

You've spent the year building excitement around fundraising events, promoting initiatives and reaching goals. To then not tell your supporters how you did, leaves them wondering if certain goals and objectives have been achieved, or worse, questioning whether their contribution mattered at all. With the holiday season, almost upon us, it's time to celebrate your nonprofit and the phenomenal support and endless giving your donors have made in 2017. The end-of year wrap-up email is just one more opportunity to make your supporters feel appreciated. Below are some handy hints to ensure your nonprofit finishes the year on a high with a strategic wrap-up campaign.   

Keep it short & sweet 

Although there are many components you'll want to incorporate in your email, including a call-to-action, information about your nonprofits mission and perhaps even a personal story, it's critical to keep it short, polished and thoughtful. Keeping your email succinct and inviting, will ensure recipients interests are maintained and the email is read in it's entirety.   

Share your results 

Let your supporters know not only, how much your nonprofit raised this year, but the difference that money has made to those in need. For example: How many lives did your supporters help save? How many African girls were able to attend school because of their contribution?   

Inspire through storytelling 

Appealing to one's emotions through storytelling is a necessary strategy for any nonprofit. Including a short yet compelling personal success story will humanise your communications, encouraging deeper engagement. To enhance your well-crafted narrative, accompany your words with an image or even a video!   

Capitalise on opportunities 

Donors want to support a good cause. So, whilst it's imperative for your email to focus on its main objective, that is, to thank supporters and promote any accomplishments and results for the year, including a call to action will allow your organisation to capitalise on people's generosity.

Contextualise your email

Rather than providing general information about your nonprofit, contextualise your email to the season. This means including information about a special initiative being run by your nonprofit during the silly season.   Get personal By now we understand the importance in personalising marketing and promotional emails. Use your supporter's name and target specific emails to individuals or groups of donors. What might be of interest to some supporters may not be to another.





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