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Easy Tips for Successful Fundraising Marketing

What’s the one thing we see that consistently makes a difference to fundraising auction success? Marketing!

Spreading the word ensures that as many people as possible are given the opportunity to participate in your event.

However, the prospect of planning a marketing campaign can sometimes feel daunting - especially when you have so many other  tasks to be done before the big day.

But, here's the good news!  A pre-event promotional campaign doesn’t need to be complicated or overly time consuming. With just a little bit of planning you can get your social media channels humming and your participant numbers firing.

What to Post?


Content is key.  A good mix of story telling, practical information and enticing detail will stoke interest in your supporter base and beyond:


Engage readers with the story of your cause.  Why is your story important and why should people care? What help do you need and what difference will it make if you get it?

Practical Information

Tell people what they need to know about your fundraiser. It may seem obvious but when you’re immersed in an event or function the small details can get forgotten.

What’s happening and when? Where can people buy tickets? Include details about dress code, theme, transport, entertainment and food.  

Enticing Detail

These are the hooks that will secure your tickets sales or auction participants.  Seduce people with detail about your auction's fabulous prizes, celebrity MC or stellar entertainment.

Images and Videos

Bring your content to life with relevant images and videos. Gifs. and memes can be fun alternatives to utilise, although make sure they are an appropriate fit with the tone of your post.

Where to Post?


There are numerous channels available to you to promote your fundraiser:


Electronic direct mail (EDM) is still one of the most effective means of connecting with supporters. Utilise your existing database to promote the auction or fundraising event.


Dedicate space on your official website to promote the auction. Include links to the online site and/or event ticketing, plus prize details and event highlights.

Social Media

E.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Create auction specific posts with photos for added engagement. Schedule posts to run in the lead up to the event. Hashtag or @ celebrities or high profile supporters for wider engagement.

Tip: Don’t forget to include links to your auction site.


Allows for more detailed stories connected to your auction. Use to make an emotional connection with your supporters. Blog posts are perfect for story telling.

Tip:  Post links in your social media campaign to take readers to your blog post.

Media Release

If your event has attracted very high profile guests or is particularly noteworthy, a media release can give invaluable coverage.  

When to Post?

time clock

Start your promotional campaign well in advance of the event, anywhere from two to six months will allow you to build momentum and generate interest.  

Schedule updates on a regular basis but don’t overload your supporters with information.


After the event make sure you use your promotional channels to thank supporters, provide auction fundraising results and let people know how the funds will be used.

You can keep providing progress updates over the following months to maintain connection and supporter interest.

Want more marketing tips or need specific advice about drafting and publishing marketing posts? Get in touch – we’d love to help.

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