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Easy Digital Fundraising Solutions For Time Poor Fundraisers

Are your good intentions competing against your busy schedule?  Do you have a great cause you want to support but no bandwidth to organise a fundraising event?

We’ve got three hassle-free digital fundraising solutions to help raise money without the workload.

1.    50/50 Raffle

Forget paper tickets and old-fashioned tombolas, the raffle is now slick, quick and digital friendly.  

Modern raffles include mobile fundraising apps, auto-generated draws and SMS notifications.  While raffles can still link to prizes, sourcing those items can take time.

If spare time is at a premium, think about the 50/50 raffle.  It’s a single prize raffle where the winner takes 50% of the ticket takings; the rest goes to the cause of your choice.

It’s super easy to set-up with ticket buyers accessing a link via their mobile device to participate.

Pro-tip: While we call it the 50/50 raffle, you can adjust the percentage split to whatever you like!

Perfect for:  schools, community events, solo fundraisers

2.    Online Only Fundraising Auction

Fundraising auctions are a standard feature of many charity and non-profit events.  However, if you want the fundraising without the event, an online silent auction is the perfect alternative.  

Hosted entirely online, the silent auction showcases a range of prizes participants can bid for. Displayed in a custom web page with beautiful images and descriptions, people bid for the item through its dedicated portal. Outbid notifications via SMS makes sure nobody misses out on their must-have item.

Pro-tip:  If you don’t have time to source multiple items, limit your auction to just one marquee prize e.g. luxury holiday

Perfect for: charities and non-profits looking for an effective but efficient fundraiser, school and community groups

 3.    Donation Drive

The fundraising app donation button is the digital equivalent of the charity donation box and the easiest way to raise funds.  

People can donate cash directly via their mobile device using credit and debit cards. It’s that simple.

Great marketing will run your donation button red hot.  Spread the word via social media channels, email or good old fashioned word-of-mouth. Make sure people understand the importance of supporting your chosen cause by using story telling and case studies.

Pro-tip: Having a specified target focuses attention and provides a compelling call-to-action during the drive e.g. we only need 20 more $2 donations!

Perfect for: people who want to include a simple fundraising element at an event or special occasion


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