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Choosing the right auctioneer for your fundraiser

The stakes are high when it comes to hiring a professional auctioneer. Event fundraising is expensive business and although it may be tempting to cut costs where possible, selecting the right auctioneer for your event is of utmost importance. Hiring the wrong auctioneer may lead to audience disengagement ensuring your nonprofit misses out on reaching its full fundraising potential. You have one chance to get it right - here's how.   

Leave it to the professionals 

Put simply, a local media personality or vivacious volunteer just won't cut it; this however is not to say they can't serve as the night's emcee or host! A professional and experienced benefit auctioneer on the other hand will not only work tirelessly to sell items, but the mission of the organisation as well. This will ensure, whether you're a school, charity or nonprofit, that you more than surpass your target. Additionally, with extensive knowledge of the fundraising industry a professional auctioneer will provide helpful need-to-know advice and consultation in the lead up to the event.   

Find the right fit for you - fee or commission? 

Depending on how much you intend on making at your next fundraising event, will determine whether you opt for an auctioneer that charges a commission rate on your fundraising sales for the night, or a flat-fee. The higher your goal, the more likely you may want to reconsider whether a commission based auction is suitable for you. Many professional benefit auctioneers work for a flat-fee, which makes it easier for your organisation to set a clear budget.   

Look for good vibrations 

You want an auctioneer who is knowledgeable, flexible, charismatic, entertaining and passionate about your organisation and its mission. The best way to find someone who fits the bill is by asking for referrals from other nonprofits or industry experts. By simply, conducting an online search or watching a demonstration video you'll be able to decipher whether the contenders fundraising approach, style and on stage presence is for you.   For help with finding the right benefit auctioneer for you, contact your local GalaBid representative now!

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