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Case Study: A Great Fundraising Idea in Good Hands

March 2016 saw the completion of the public arts initiative 'Hares on the March' which saw the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation auction 110, three-foot tall hares, painted and decorated by some of Ireland's best known artists. The creative fundraiser helps fund home nurse care for families of 270 young children from birth to 4 years old with brain damage who suffer severe intellectual and physical trauma.  

The project was the culmination of months of effort from the Jack and Jill team headed by project manager Dave Southern. One of the main challenges was to match the individual hares with individual buyers of the beautifully decorated hares. Dave Southern said; "GalaBid came in and provided us with an easy to use auction site that would attract and encourage significant interest and competition among our supporters. This in turn would generate a significant income stream for the work of the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation. It worked a treat and surpassed our expectations!”

The individual hares were on display in publicly accessible venues throughout Dublin. This helped to secure over 500 bidders and in excess of 2000 bids. What proved particularly effective was the 'outbid' text system which notified supporters when they had been outbid. The automated text then directed them back to the site, to make another bid, and therefore contribute more money to the campaign. Dave goes on to state; "In the last hour of the online auction alone we received over 600 bids and raised an extra €20,000.  It was a huge success and a fitting end to a wonderful campaign.” In total, the project raised close to €200,000 which will make a significant difference to the lives of those families who the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation continue to support.

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