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Best Practice: Sourcing Auction Items for Your Next Fundraising Event

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice within the fundraising industry, securing a list of suitable and appealing auction items for your upcoming charity event can be a challenge.

So below, we have provided some handy hints that might help you along the way.   

Tip #1: Build your team and get connected 

Teaming up with a skilled group of connected, enthusiastic and ambitious individuals, who are of course passionate about and dedicated to your nominated cause, is your best bet at securing an exclusive range of auction items and raffle prizes. Being selective with your choice right from the get-go will decrease the risk of hassles later on.   

Tip #2: Get prepared! 

When using volunteers, you need to be aware that they may not all be versed in the art of sales. Asking for donations can be hard work particularly when an individual lacks experience. Preparing your team to approach potential supporters and ask for donations will affect how many and the type of acquisitions one might receive.   

Tip #3: Utilise your resources 

Now that you've got a committed, functioning team of people helping to run the event, it's time to network, utilising the groups contact list and resources. Acquiring items through donation is determined by those personal connections within the team and the ability of those individuals to promote your mission and lobby for support. If the donated items offered up by supporters fall into a lower-price point, combining them together into a more desirable and attractive package can make a big difference. These packages have a greater perceived value by potential bidders and are more likely to receive higher bids come auction day.   

Tip #4: Use incentives to encourage and motivate team members 

Reward team members by setting goals and awarding prizes for working hard and receiving those hard-to-get, lucrative items.   

Tip #5: Don't be afraid to ask for help 

It's always a good idea to not only ask sponsors and stakeholders to donate but to introduce you to those who might want to also. You might just be surprised by how generous businesses and individuals are when it comes to supporting a worthy cause.   

Tip #6: Know your audience and what they want 

Keep your audience at the forefront when making decisions about your event, particularly when it comes to choosing your auction items and experiences. Selecting items specifically targeted towards your audience, and their family and friends, is particularly important. Although variety is key, having too many donations at your event is also problematic. Overwhelming your guests will mean that auction items will not generate enough attention and may not reach their full bidding potential.   

Tip #7: Use consignment 

Sourcing big ticket prizes for a charity auction or raffle can be a challenge, particularly without the right help and resources. Using a reputable consignment service, such as the one offered by GalaBid, will give you access to a wide variety of exclusive items on a no-risk basis. Find out more here, on how to make the most out of your consignment service. For a free quote or demo, let's talk!

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