Great Fundraising Ideas To Help You Raise More

Find out how you can use GalaBids online software for raffles, donations and silent auctions to help raise money for your charity or non-profit

Easy Crowdfunding Campaigns in 7 Steps

Crowdfunding is a great way for individuals, communities, clubs and charities to raise funds for a specific cause or project. GalaBid’s crowdfunding platform is easy to use and quick to set-up. Setting-up a Crowdfunding Campaign on GalaBid takes no time at all.

How to Choose the Right Online Fundraiser

There are lots of online fundraising options for people to choose from. How do you know whether a silent auction, digital raffle or donation drive is the right fundraiser for your cause?

Why You Should Use an Online Fundraising Platform

Thinking of raising money for a great cause but worried you don’t have time to organise a big event?Digital fundraising is the effective and fast way to raise money without it turning into a full-time job.

The Best Online Silent Auction Experience for your Supporters

Without the help of your generous supporters, your fundraiser won’t reach the targets needed to make a positive difference to others. Here are a few things you can do to make sure every supporter knows your fundraiser is worth their support and that their contribution is appreciated.

Best Prize Items for Online Silent Auctions

Using an online silent auction platform can generate much more funds than traditional paper-based fundraisers, but how do you know which auction items will inspire a bidding frenzy….and which items will be left to gather dust on your online auction shelf? Use our guide to find out!

Benefits of an Online Silent Auction

If you have access to prizes but don’t want to spend hours and hours organising a physical event, an online, or digital, silent auction is a great way to raise money.

The Power of Single Prizes for Online Fundraising

Whether you’re running an online silent auction or a digital raffle, the quality of your prizes can determine the success of your fundraising. A single prize that has serious 'wow' factor can be as effective as a whole collection of prizes. Find out how you can make a single prize item it work for your next findraiser.

How to Secure Sponsorship for your Online Fundraiser

Attracting sponsorship is a vital element of many fundraisers. Corporate sponsors help provide financial support to stage and run many events. But what about small local fundraisers? Can they attract sponsors too? Absolutely!

How to Set the Right Price for your Online Silent Auction Prizes

Setting the right starting price for each item in your online silent auction can make a huge difference to sale outcome. Too high and you might deter people from bidding, too low and there may not be enough demand - but setting it just right? That’s the best way to maximise your fundraising results. Here are some tips that will help you price your prizes.

9 Things Fundraisers Learned from their First Online Fundraiser

Running your first online fundraising campaign can feel daunting. We talked to some experienced fundraisers about what they learned from their first fundraiser.

Your Go-To Online Fundraising Guide

We’ve got all the low-down you need to make your next fundraiser a breeze.

3 Super Easy School Fundraising Ideas

Running a school fundraiser can be labour intensive for time poor parents and carers. We’ve got three simple and effective school fundraising ideas that raise money and save time.

How To Organise A Small Fundraiser (With Big Fundraiser Smarts)

If you’re time poor but still want your fundraiser to be a smash success, here are some hot tips to maximise results.

Community Fundraising Made Easy

Community fundraisers are often inspired by a desire to help a local organisation, individual or family. But if you’re not a professional fundraiser, how can you make your cause count?

Why GalaBid?

With over a decade’s experience, we know fundraising. The GalaBid fundraising platform has helped tens of thousands of events and organisations around the world raise more. Our online fundraising technology is specifically designed for fundraisers and is packed with features that maximise results online and at events.

GalaBid is Free to use for Organizers

We are funded through the generosity of donors and winning bidders that make a voluntary contribution towards our costs. This enables us to continue to enhance the GalaBid platform. If you would like to contribute to GalaBid, you can do so here. Your support is much appreciated.