Bite-Sized Case Study: The Perfect Plant and Prize Mix

The cause: Plantlife is an organisation dedicated to protecting the British wildlife. "Wild flowers, plants and fungi are the life support for all our wildlife and their colour and character light up our landscapes. But without our help, this priceless natural heritage is in danger of being lost."

Troubleshooting: Help! My Auction Has No Bids!

'No bids at a silent or live auction falls into the worst nightmare' category of fundraising. After working hard to collate a great range of prizes, set-up the auction platform and create an awesome event for donors and supporters - it's horribly dispiriting when the bids fail to materialise. But don't panic! Here are a few effective ways to minimise the no bid risk before the event and some tips to get things moving if you're faced with a no bid dilemma on the night:

Bite-Sized Case Study: Revved Up Fundraising

The Cause: We See Hope is a charity that looks to provide education, rehabilitation and training to help African communities support their young orphaned and isolated members. "We see hope in the most surprising places. Like the slums, streets and disadvantaged rural communities of Southern and Eastern Africa. Here, many thousands of children are orphaned, isolated and dehumanized by devastating poverty, which threatens to rob them of their future."

Why It's Time To Ditch The Fundraising Table Tablet

A long time ago when Wi-Fi was about as reliable as a warm day in British summertime, some bright spark had a great idea: ‘Let's make digital auctions work by setting up an independent network at fundraisers. Everyone can connect to the auction via tablets on tables. It'll be secure and we can guarantee the connection won't drop out just as bidders go to make that vital bid. Hurrah!' It was a move that transformed fundraising auctions...

How To Organise A Small Fundraiser Like A Pro

A small fundraiser doesn't mean a small workload. Whether it's a school fete, local charity auction or community bake sale, every small fundraiser requires lots of planning and organising. But there are plenty of tips and tricks to help make sure your fundraiser is a success. Want to organise a small fundraiser like a pro? Read on...

Did You Know GalaBid Is In New Zealand?

Did you know that GalaBid is active and thriving across the Tasman? Based in Auckland, GalaBid is lucky enough to have events and fundraising expert, Cathy Taylor on board. Cathy is offering the GalaBid platform for fundraising events right across New Zealand. With nearly two decades experience in the events space, Cathy has a varied and comprehensive career history. From organising charity auctions to selling sponsorship and exhibition space, Cathy has helped produce successful events in the UK, Europe, US, Middle East, Asia, South Pacific and Australia...

What Happens To Your Fundraising Money Post Event?

What happens to your fundraising money post event? It's a broad question that could apply generally to how funds are spent. But in this case we mean what happens to your fundraising money immediately after the event. If you're using a digital fundraising platform you'll know it makes things super easy for donors. Whether they're participating in a silent or live auction or simply making a straight donation, digital platforms making giving money fast and easy. And that's great...

Bite-Sized Case Study: Big House Theatre

The Cause: The Big House Theatre is a theatre-based organisation that gives opportunity, confidence and purpose to young people who have been through the UK care system and are finding life difficult. "The Big House is a place where people who may have given up on themselves gain the skills and confidence to turn their lives around."

Raise More With Our Hottest Self-Run Auction Tips

Our silent auction technology makes a self-run auction a breeze. Real-time bidding, SMS notifications and web enabled bids give fundraisers all the tools they need smash their event's fundraising targets. To get the most out the technology, here are a few tips to raise even more funds using GalaBid's digital platform:

Think Raffles Are Outdated Fundraisers? Think Again!

What springs to mind when you think about fundraising raffles? Old-fashioned raffle booklets? Multi-coloured paper tickets (that invariably emerge in post-wash pockets)? Tickets drawn from revolving tombolas? Raffles often have heart-warming connections with our childhood or pleasant memories of bygone fundraisers. But they're not the fundraiser of choice for causes serious about raising money. Or are they? It's true that raffles probably have the reputation for being somewhat antiquated...