Bite-Sized Case Study: On The Trail Of A Unique Fundraiser

The Cause: Dartmoor National Park is one of Great Britain's most famous parks. Covering 386 square miles, Dartmoor is home to beautiful moorland, imposing granite peaks and winding riverbanks. An important conservation site, Dartmoor supports environmental and wildlife initiatives to protect the park's heritage and promote education and community connection...

Case Study: On The Road With The Redkite Corporate Quiz

'For young people living with cancer, Australian charity Redkite makes a huge difference to their quality of life. Delivering a range of services from counselling to financial assistance to music therapy, Redkite is committed to providing essential support for children and their families. The organisation is well established with a 30-year history. Naturally, fundraising is critical to ensuring the sustainability of the charity's support to families facing their child's cancer. For over 20 years Redkite has run its highly popular Corporate Quiz...

Galabid Consignment Update: Desert Island Dreams

Imagine a soft tropical breeze, deep blue warm waters and nothing to do but relax (and enjoy the odd cocktail or two!) GalaBid's NEW consignment options offer lucky bidders the ultimate in luxury desert island escapes. Your fundraising auction returns will skyrocket with the addition of these fabulous holidays. From Fiji's pristine coastline to the tropical heaven of Samoa, there's plenty for your bidders to get excited about:...

How Do Prizes for Live and Silent Auctions Differ?

A question we're frequently asked is whether fundraisers should have a different approach to prizes for silent and live auctions. In short, yes. The format of both auctions differs as will the type of bidders...

Single Prize Item: Crazy Idea or Inspired Move?

Your silent or live auction prize mix can make or break your fundraiser. It takes a lot of door knocking, phone calls and the odd rejection to pull together a great set of prizes. A single prize item can therefore be an appealing proposition. But can a lone item really have enough appeal to make your fundraising auction a success? Absolutely! In fact a single prize item can work even better than multiple items but you do need to think carefully...

Quick Tip: What To Do If You Can't Display Your Prize Items

Holding a fundraising auction? You'll know that sourcing great items and prizes is key to a successful event. You'll also know that having prize items on display, where bidders can see their potential spoils, is a great way to stoke interest in your fundraising auction. But you may find that there are a number of items that you cannot physically display to your bidders. Â And how do you get guests to bid for items they can't actually see? Sometimes it's not possible to have your prize items on display...

Bite-Sized Case Study: The Perfect Plant and Prize Mix

The cause: Plantlife is an organisation dedicated to protecting the British wildlife. "Wild flowers, plants and fungi are the life support for all our wildlife and their colour and character light up our landscapes. But without our help, this priceless natural heritage is in danger of being lost."

Troubleshooting: Help! My Auction Has No Bids!

'No bids at a silent or live auction falls into the worst nightmare' category of fundraising. After working hard to collate a great range of prizes, set-up the auction platform and create an awesome event for donors and supporters - it's horribly dispiriting when the bids fail to materialise. But don't panic! Here are a few effective ways to minimise the no bid risk before the event and some tips to get things moving if you're faced with a no bid dilemma on the night:

Bite-Sized Case Study: Revved Up Fundraising

The Cause: We See Hope is a charity that looks to provide education, rehabilitation and training to help African communities support their young orphaned and isolated members. "We see hope in the most surprising places. Like the slums, streets and disadvantaged rural communities of Southern and Eastern Africa. Here, many thousands of children are orphaned, isolated and dehumanized by devastating poverty, which threatens to rob them of their future."

Why It's Time To Ditch The Fundraising Table Tablet

A long time ago when Wi-Fi was about as reliable as a warm day in British summertime, some bright spark had a great idea: ‘Let's make digital auctions work by setting up an independent network at fundraisers. Everyone can connect to the auction via tablets on tables. It'll be secure and we can guarantee the connection won't drop out just as bidders go to make that vital bid. Hurrah!' It was a move that transformed fundraising auctions...



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