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Case Study: On The Road With The Redkite Corporate Quiz

'For young people living with cancer, Australian charity Redkite makes a huge difference to their quality of life. Delivering a range of services from counselling to financial assistance to music therapy, Redkite is committed to providing essential support for children and their families. The organisation is well established with a 30-year history. Naturally, fundraising is critical to ensuring the sustainability of the charity's support to families facing their child's cancer. For over 20 years Redkite has run its highly popular Corporate Quiz. A flagship of Redkite's fundraising efforts, the Quiz is held in key locations around the country and is a way of engaging Australia's generous corporate communities. Let's take a closer look at some of the success factors:

A Local Focus 

Redkite hosts its Quiz in locations around Australia: Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. A local presence encourages strong emotional engagement and active support. Guests respond positively to hearing about the impact of their support from local families at the event. Redkite is a national organisation and holding fundraisers outside of Sydney or Melbourne shows a real commitment to communities around the country. It provides a great opportunity to boost connections and engage a wider range of supporters, family ambassadors and donors.

Establish A Fundraising Brand

This is a tricky one to get right, but a long-standing fundraising event can establish itself as a highly regarded part of an organisation's brand. While it's important to keep the event fresh and interesting, having a fundamental theme or idea that's repeated year on year (like the Corporate Quiz) can generate terrific word-of-mouth and loyalty. A well-run and well-established event can generate a reputation that makes it a must attend fundraiser.

Make It Easy

Take a note from online retailers who always make it super easy to take action. Redkite's Corporate Quiz booking page is easy to read and the event ticket purchasing is very simple. Plus, there's a clever donation only option for people who are unable to attend the event itself.

Think About Inclusivity

While the Corporate Quiz and live and silent auctions work brilliantly for Redkite, they know how important it is to make sure their events are inclusive for everyone. In addition to the Quiz and auctions, Redkite run different activities such as a big game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Yep, the schoolyard favourite is a hit with grown-up guests. A small entry fee means everyone can take part in this knockout game (which, in case you're wondering, is as much fun as you remember it!).

Get The Right MC And Guest Presenters

While a well-known Sydney based celebrity might be a hit on the east coast, there's no guarantee they'll have a high profile in other parts of the country. It's why Redkite choose their MCs carefully to make sure their Corporate Quiz hosts will resonate with the local community. Redkite's MCs also have a deep connection to the charity, and donate their time and talents throughout the year. A local MC or host will be familiar with regional events, customs and even dialect. Making sure the MC has a connection to your guests will boost their connection to your charity and its fundraising aims.


Taking a local approach to your fundraising activities can reap huge benefits. Taking events on the road is a great way to develop long lasting and meaningful connections with supporters and donors across the country.

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